North American stevedore orders 15th Konecranes forklift truck

Konecrane lift truck QSL

In February, QSL company bought its fifteenth Konecranes forklift in five years. They’ve been helping to build the Konecranes presence in North America as they’ve expanded to new locations around the continent.

“We like Konecranes because their lift trucks can be purpose-built for the stevedoring industry,” says Mario Gagné, QSL’s Manager, Asset Management – Equipment and Infrastructure. “We believe they make an excellent product that helps us to better meet the needs of our customers while reducing our environmental footprint.”

“Great teamwork has resulted in a satisfied customer and repeat sales,” says John Elisson, Regional Sales Director Americas, Konecranes Lift Trucks. “A big thank you to Strongco, our Canadian distributor serving QSL, who launched Konecranes lift trucks in Canada just six years ago. Their confidence in our products and company has provided essential support in the highly competitive North American market.”

QSL has long collaborated with Strongco, a relationship that quickly built their trust in Konecranes, and as they’ve gained experience with Konecranes products over the last five years, they’ve purchased a total of fifteen forklifts, ranging in capacity from 16 to 33 tons.

In their latest purchase, QSL opted for an SMV 25-1200 C, a 25-ton model with a full free-lift duplex mast, a removable counterweight, a fork shaft system allowing quick switching between forks and coil rams, and a Lincoln Lubrication System. TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring allows real-time tracking of the use and maintenance of each forklift, no matter where it operates. It also includes a reverse camera and speed limiter as standard safety features, and a tilting cab for easy maintenance access.

Additionally, their Konecranes forklift trucks have been specially designed to minimize operational noise. In a busy terminal, this helps to ensure a healthier workplace for drivers and to maintain good relationships with neighboring commercial and residential property owners.

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