Flux Power Launches Next Generation Lithium-Ion Batteries For Walkie Pallet Jacks and 3 Wheel Forklifts

Flux Power announces new lithium-ion batteries for walkie pallet jacks and for 3-wheel forklifts

Flux Power Walkie
Vista, CA – March 9, 2020 — Flux Power Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: FLUX), a developer of advanced lithium-ion batteries for commercial and industrial equipment including electric forklifts and airport ground support equipment (GSE), announced the launch of the LiFT Pack S24 lithium-ion battery pack at MODEX 2020. 

The LiFT Pack S24 is the most energy-dense option for a clean, safe, and innovative lithium-ion battery pack to power walkie pallet jacks.  Offered in a 24 V, 100 Ah configuration, it delivers:

  • Highest capacity, safe lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery in this footprint (22.9” x 4.0” x 24.6”)
  • No required maintenance
  • IP 57 rating (submersible for 30 minutes)
  • Modular design with customizable options for cable length, on-board charger, heater, and additional weight
  • Easily serviceable when installed in equipment

The LiFT Pack S24 builds on our experience with over 4,000 Walkie LiFT Packs deployed in the field over the past 5 years,” said Sean Stone, Product Engineer.  “With a smaller footprint, reduced weight, no required maintenance, and a robust Battery Management System (BMS) utilizing fewer parts and connecting cables, it’s the best choice for powering walkie pallet jacks that are used in demanding applications.”


Flux Power Launches New Lithium-Ion Battery For 3 Wheel Forklifts – LiFT Pack L48

Flux also announced the launch of the LiFT Pack L48 lithium-ion battery pack at MODEX 2020.

The LiFT Pack L48 lithium-ion battery is designed for the 3 wheel forklifts used in high-performance, narrow aisle warehouses.  Offered in a 48 V, 400 Ah configuration, it delivers:

  • High capacity, safe lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery (35.3” x 19.9” x 22.5”)Flux Power 48v battery
  • No required maintenance
  • Designed and built to meet UL standards
  • Dedicated interlocked charge port (battery remains in the lift truck during charging – no removal required)

“One of the fastest-growing segments of lift equipment is the 3 wheel forklift,” said Andrew Carducci, Product Engineer.  “With the launch of the LiFT Pack L48, we now have a lithium-ion solution to power this equipment with the benefits of no required maintenance and enhanced safety.”

Polygon Highlights High-Performance Composite Plain Bearings at CONEXPO 2020

Visit Booth #S82555 to see products for challenging construction equipment applications

Polygon Composite Bearings

Walkerton, IN – Polygon Company, a leading producer of composite tubing, bearings, and pneumatic cylinders, announces will be highlighting its line of high-performance composite plain bearings at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 on March 10-14, 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada, South Hall 3, Booth #S82555. Polygon will also showcase its PolySlide® composite tubing for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.

The high-performance custom-engineered and standard composite plain bearings on display are ideal for challenging construction equipment applications, including wheel loaders, excavators, back hoes, and compact track loaders, as well as other applications requiring pivot joints with a long life-expectancy. Featuring high load-bearing capacity, low frictional values, and corrosion resistance, the Polygon composite bearings are self-lubricated, requiring no greasing. This reduces maintenance labor costs and increases the interval before maintenance is required on rental equipment. It can also lower the number of greasing locations, ultimately resulting in fewer equipment warranty claims.

Also on display will be PolySlide composite tubing for pneumatic and low-pressure hydraulic applications, including fifth wheel actuation, gate valve actuators, water treatment flow control mechanisms, and tie rod cylinders. PolySlide tubing replaces metallic material in a variety of cylinder applications. Supplied as a cylinder tube ready for customer assembly, or as fully engineered cylinder assemblies for equipment manufacturer applications, the tubing is made of continuous filament-wound glass fiber and polymer resins. The fiberglass filament and resin materials combine together to form a high strength component that exhibits dimensional stability, is non-corroding, impingement resistant and is non-conductive. PolySlide is the solution for service in harsh environments. The cylinder tubing performs in high and low temperatures, grease, grit, salt, chemicals and other extreme conditions.

For more information visit www.polygoncomposites.com.

New Cab Launches for Hyster® Big Trucks

Hyster Company is rolling out a new cabin and controls on its Big Truck range.  The industry-leading design will first be available on new 8 to 18-tonne capacity Hyster® H8-18XD lift trucks.

“We have made the best lift truck cab in the industry even better,” says Chris van de Werdt for Hyster Europe. “For many years, the Vista cabin on our Big Truck range was considered the leading cabin design with around 20,000 units shipped. The latest cabin sets high industry standards.

To make work even easier for operators, the new Hyster® cabin provides a “cockpit-style” workplace, positioning all truck information and controls at the driver’s fingertips. The high-quality interior finish features a seven-inch touch screen display complemented with rotary button controls on the armrest, while low in-cab noise levels also help drivers to keep concentration during long shifts.

“Operators can expect to be comfortable all day long in the spacious cabin due to the seating design and large floor space, as well as heating and ventilation options to suit the climate,” Chris says. “A comfortable operator is a productive operator whether handling steel in the heat of the summer or empty containers in the icy Scandinavian winter.”

“For instance, there is a quick de-misting function for fast start of your operations even during cold/wet weather conditions,” Chris continues. “Or with climate control, direct airflow onto the operator helps provide extra comfort and cools the cab down quickly.”

Thanks to an adjustable control arm that includes a wrist cushion and Touchpoint mini levers (or ergonomic Joystick option), operators will experience optimal comfort and reduced fatigue when operating the hydraulics, even in tough applications. A forward/reverse switch is also available on the control arm/joystick to further simplify the operation.

The cab offers excellent all-round visibility with curved front- and rear windows, armored glass top window and toughened glass doors, with a slimline steel frame. All glass is scratch-resistant. To achieve the best visibility of the fork tips, a unique lateral sliding seat enables the operator to change the line of sight, while the dashboard does not limit visibility in the front of the cabin.

“With the new cabin, operators can lift high with minimal obstruction to visibility due to the tall front window and full glass panel overhead,” Chris says. “The cab is designed for excellent visibility during driving, reversing and maneuvering.”

With the largest doors in the industry and class-leading headspace, operators can also get in and out of the cab easily, even when wearing a hardhat.

“There are so many features and options to suit each application. At night, for example, the display can automatically dim for less distraction and the control arm panels all have backlight options, so the switches illuminate when active or an option is present,” Chris explains.

Automatic Truck Shutdown functions are available to save energy when operations are paused. Lights can also be included in the shut off in order to prevent battery drain. Other customization options include the monotrol pedal, optional trainer seat, automatic park brake, blue LED Pedestrian Awareness Light, load weight and height indication, tyre pressure monitoring system, telematics and more.

The new cabin has been introduced on the new H8-12XD6 / H190-280XD, H13-16XD6 / H300-360XD, H6-7XDEC3/4 / H150XD-EC4, H16XD9/12 / H210-250XD48 and H18XD7.5/9 / H360-36/48XD trucks series’. These replace the current Hyster® H8-16XM range and provide a choice of 14 models in total, including lift trucks and empty container handlers.

For more information, contact your local Hyster® distribution partner or visit www.hyster.com.

Source: Hyster

Crown ESR 1000 reach truck nominated for IFOY Award 2020

Crown has been nominated for the International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) Award 2020. The nomination, in the “Warehouse Truck Highlifter” category, applies to the company’s ESR 1000 Series. The award acknowledges the year’s best intralogistics products and solutions and has become a well-established accolade for outstanding performance. The new ESR 1000 reach truck was nominated for the IFOY Award as the result of multiple innovations, such as the newly developed Gena® operating system and the Xpress Lower™ mast lowering technology.

The transport and logistics services provider Voigt Logistik has been using the reach truck for some time and is impressed: “Crown’s recently launched ESR 1000 Series is a reach truck that our operators have come to appreciate for its many innovative features such as Auto Height Select, Capacity Data Monitor and the brand new, intuitive Gena operator experience,” reports Jan-Peter Wingert, Site Manager at Voigt Logistik in Neumünster, Germany.

Crown IFOY

The ESR 1000 Series offers technological innovation paired with the new, intelligently connected features from the Gena operating system that enable operators to work with skill and precision at any height without compromising productivity:

For example, the optional Xpress Lower™ technology doubles the mast lowering speed to 1.1 m/s. This speed is unique in the market, enabling up to 21 percent more productivity overall. At the same time, the truck’s use of regenerative lowering and braking can result in energy savings of up to 11 percent.

The optional Auto Height Select feature enhances precision. Operators can use this automatic, predefined height selector to stop the forks at programmed rack heights. Precise, automated positioning helps to avoid product, rack and truck damage while simultaneously improving throughput. Programming different rack heights for multiple warehouse zones is straightforward. And as the forks rise, the large color display shows their actual height, alerting the operator once the forks reach the target height.

The Capacity Data Monitor is an equally useful option, giving operators an at-a-glance view of load weight, lift height and capacity limits to ensure that load handling stays within safe limits.

Furthermore, operators, warehouse managers as well as service and safety managers, benefit from the Gena operating system, newly developed by Crown and appearing for the first time in the ESR 1000 reach truck. The Gena system is intuitive, customizable and interactive, offering a new and engaging operator experience. A 7-inch color touchscreen allows the operator to choose from 25 languages and a growing range of widgets displaying key forklift functions such as operating time, steering angle, speed and battery charge. The new Gena operating system optimizes the forklift’s performance ­and makes crucial information easy to see, understand and use, helping operators to boost their throughput.

Crown has a flexible response to the various energy sources currently available on the market: Like all Crown lift trucks, the new ESR 1000 Series is also available with lithium-ion power and can be switched to lead-acid batteries at any time to match the utilization needs of the application.

Final award decision follows one week of testing

At the next stage, all finalists must undergo a full week of IFOY Test Days, during which the nominated products must pass an independent test, a scientific innovation check and a trial by jury. The tests probe the nominated products’ innovative quality, cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, sustainability, safety, ergonomics, and design. The winners of this year’s IFOY Award will be announced at a gala event at the start of the Hannover Messe (Hanover Trade Fair) in April 2020.

The IFOY Award is one of the world’s most prestigious international awards for intralogistics and material handling solutions. Winners are selected by a jury of internationally reputed trade journalists. Crown has already won the coveted award on three previous occasions, for the company’s wireless InfoLink® fleet management­ system (2013), QuickPick® Remote order-picking technology (2014), and RT 4000 Series of ride-on pallet trucks (2016).

Durable electric pallet truck now available at Crown’s online store

NEW BREMEN, Ohio – The Crown WP Series pallet truck is now available for purchase through the Crown online storeOnline orders of the truck come with free, five-day shipping and a five-year power unit and fork weldment guarantee.

“More than 10 years ago, Crown was the first major lift truck manufacturer to bring the convenience, speed, and ease of online shopping to forklift purchases,” said Michelle Chapman, director of marketing, Crown Equipment. “As we expand our online offering, we continue to look for new ways to provide advanced material handling equipment and technology, when and where our customers need it most.” That availability, he said, supports their growth, cost control measures, and safety and efficiency initiatives.”

Built to be the most durable electric pallet jack in the industry, the Crown WP Series provides the exceptional maneuverability and control vital for demanding applications. These pallet trucks maneuver in tight spaces, deliver power on demand and give operators controlled performance.

The pallet truck available for online purchase handles loads up to 4,500 pounds. It features wet swing-out batteries, built-in charger, battery straps, drive/tow switch, AC traction, and e-GEN® braking that uses the motor to provide frictionless braking. Additionally, Crown’s exclusive X10® Control Handle offers advanced ergonomics so operators can experience less fatigue and work more efficiently. The online store includes LiveChat functionality that allows customers to communicate directly with a Crown representative and ask questions during the purchasing process.

While the transaction takes place online, delivery of the pallet truck is coordinated through Crown’s extensive network of retail locations to enhance customer support on a local level.

The Future Is Looking Electric

KION lithium ion battery

If you want to shape the future of intralogistics, you need to have the right drive solutions – in the truest sense of the word. The KION Group and its strong brands recognized the potential of the lithium-ion battery early on, incorporated it into their drive technology portfolio and established themselves as a leading supplier of electrically-powered forklift trucks and warehouse equipment. In the meantime, electrically powered vehicles now account for 80 percent of sales. Industry specialist BMZ and the KION Group have just signed an agreement to set up a joint venture (JV) to produce the batteries.

Over one million electric vehicles delivered within ten years; the sales figures are a clear indication that the KION Group has backed the right horse when it comes to e-Mobility. With the KION 2027 Strategy, the company has energy efficiency as one of its top priorities and thus has set the course for focusing on the right research and development activities. Among the numerous key drive technologies KION currently offers – from combustion engines to lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries to fuel cells – electromobility has played a particularly important role from the very start. The latest trend in drive technology offers numerous benefits for customers: lithium-ion batteries do not have to be swapped out, and, thanks to rapid charging times and practical opportunity ones, they represent an economical alternative to the classic lead-acid battery, especially for intensive shift operations in a warehouse.

These advantages are convincing a growing number of customers to request them and the proof, it seems, is in the pudding: e-vehicles accounted for 80 percent of KION Group sales in 2018.

With the demand steadily increasing and the desire to further expand its leading market position, the KION Group is now heading for the next milestone: a strategic partnership with BMZ Holding, Europe’s leading supplier of lithium-ion battery solutions. However, the respective antitrust authorities must first approve the deal. The goal at KION Battery Systems GmbH, the name of the new JV, is to establish an efficient production of lithium-ion batteries and quickly deliver them to customers.

Productive partnership benefitting both companies

“This alliance significantly strengthens our position in lithium-ion battery solutions and gives the KION Group – and thus all brands in the Group worldwide – an even stronger competitive position,” notes Gordon Riske, CEO of KION GROUP AG. The company has had a long-standing relationship with BMZ Holding, creating the perfect launching pad for the latest projects together. “The technology and the BMZ Group’s 25 years of experience provide the JV with an excellent foundation for a successful future, where both companies will benefit sustainably,” emphasizes Sven Bauer, BMZ Holding’s founder and managing director.

Both companies each hold 50 percent of the new JV with equal rights. The place where the two partners pool their experience and expertise is located directly at the BMZ headquarters in the Bavarian town of Karlstein am Main. In the new production plant, 48-volt and 80-volt batteries for counterbalanced trucks will be the initial products with 24-volt batteries for smaller warehouse equipment to round out the portfolio, covering the full range of battery requirements in intralogistics.

An address for the lithium-ion tomorrow’s standards

The team at the new location is expected to reach around 80 employees by 2023, providing powerful answers to the steadily growing demand for lithium-ion batteries. But Karlstein is not only seen as a production site; the technological possibilities of the battery are far from exhausted and offer numerous optimization options and further development where both partners can better respond to customer requests and individual operating characteristics in the future. Plans call for intensive research to be carried out at the new location to design and manufacture new standards for tomorrow’s driver technology.

However, the JV benefits for KION customers are already obvious, regardless of the research involved. With its own production facility, KION can offer maximum delivery reliability and cover the long-term demand for the latest lithium-ion batteries available – all from its very own resources. The JV creates the best conditions for customers to achieve their own sustainability goals, thanks to future-proof drive solutions made in Germany.

Kalmar to deliver first Eco Reachstacker in Indonesia

Kalmar Eco-reach stacker

Kalmar, part of Cargotec, had signed a contract with Cikarang Dry Port, for the delivery of the first Kalmar Eco Reachstacker in Indonesia. This order was booked into Cargotec’s 2019 second quarter order intake and scheduled for delivery in July of 2019.

Cikarang Dry Port is a public inland port located in the eastern corridor of greater Jakarta. It serves direct export-import for the surrounding industries under multimodal transport bills of lading provided by shipping lines partners. Kalmar first established its footprint in Indonesia in the 1980s and during the past decades, it has worked in partnership with local dealer PT. Indo Traktor Utama to provide outstanding local services and strategic support for the customers.

“We are pleased with our purchase of the Kalmar Eco Reachstacker. We are excited by the reduced fuel consumption promised in daily operation. Other than cost, it is also better for our working environment. We believe the combined effect would be beneficial for our business and environment. And it is also in line with our mission for green operations,“ said Benny Woenardi, Managing Director of PT. Cikarang Inland Port, terminal operator of the Cikarang Dry Port.

“This order is a continuation of our long term relationship with Cikarang Dry Port in helping them achieve their business goals. We want to thank Cikarang Dry Port for choosing Kalmar as it is our honour to continue supporting them in their efforts to cut emissions and contribute to a sustainable future. We will continue providing the best to our customers and the environment in the region,” said Elvina Chua, Interim Vice President of Kalmar South & Southeast Asia.

Launched in 2018, Kalmar Eco Reachstacker, part of Kalmar’s Eco Range, is designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions while guaranteeing great performance for the customers. The Kalmar Eco Reachstacker provides a smoother driving experience for the operators in control which leads to improved productivity and safety.

VAHLE opens state-of-the-art automated miniload warehouse

  • Comprehensive modernization of production and logistics
  • Doubling of logistics area in miniload warehouse
  • Reduction of plant energy requirements by up to 25%

Vahle miniload

Kamen, Germany: PAUL VAHLE GmbH & Co. KG has opened one of the most modern material flow systems of its kind in Kamen. This marks the official end of the modernization of the warehouse, which cost €2.5 million. Effective immediately, order picking takes place automatically with the latest warehousing equipment made by Jungheinrich. Politicians, business people and administrators attended the official opening of the plant.

“With this investment, Vahle has catapulted into the future and created the foundation for the sustainable optimization of all upstream and downstream production processes,” says Achim Dries, CEO & Managing Director of Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG. The heart of the new system is an automated miniload warehouse with 7,314 storage locations. Boxes measuring 600 x 400 and 300 x 400 millimeters are stored double-deep or quadruple-deep and crosswise. These are serviced by what Jungheinrich views as the most powerful stacker crane of its class, which moves at a speed of six metres per second. A wide-aisle warehouse, cantilever racks for the storage of long goods and drive-through racking were also built. The logistics area nearly doubled through the modernization, to around 3,500 square metres.

“With the  Go Live of the miniload warehouse, VAHLE is the first company in the world to utilize the Miniload STC  which was introduced by Jungheinrich in 2018,” explains Jürgen Wagenknecht, the responsible project manager at Jungheinrich. It has energy storage devices called SuperCaps which are specially adapted to the stacker crane’s driving characteristics. These devices store the energy released during braking processes and feed it back into the drive system during acceleration. “This reduces our energy needs – in particular, the power required for the stacker crane compared to conventional systems – by up to 25%,” says Dries.

The VAHLE conductor bar system vConductor VKS 6 provides power transmission. “We have installed the best components that are currently available on the market,” says Dries. “In this way, we not only  ensure the performance of our miniload warehouse but also make it possible for our customers to see the conductor bar system live in action.” The system is also designed for maximum efficiency with regard to space utilization. By means of an innovative rail design and the drive system, which saves space through its integration in the mast base, the stacker crane realizes the smallest approach dimensions in its class. The result is less space required, with a simultaneous increase in warehouse capacity and higher throughput. In order to further increase the order picking performance in shipment logistics, a modern pick-to-light system was installed parallel to the automated miniload warehouse. It is connected to a drive-through rack for up to 600 fast-moving components. 

Hyster Europe Takes 360-Degree Industry Solutions to IMHX

At IMHX 2019 in Birmingham, UK, from 24 – 27 September, Hyster Europe will be showcasing its 360-degree solutions for logistics operations, including those to support the construction materials and paper supply chains.

Hyster EuropeAt the event, experts from Hyster Europe, and its UK dealer Briggs Equipment, will be on hand to discuss how to manage costs and optimise operational efficiency by matching the right Hyster® trucks and solutions to application specific materials handling needs.
360-degree solutions for construction materials handling

Whether operations are handling bricks, blocks, aggregates, concrete precast or other building materials, dusty, dirty working conditions are the norm, so the driver experience matters.  Hyster® lift trucks use intelligent design to assist operators, with ergonomically designed cabs that provide good driver awareness as standard, alongside, flashing beacons, back-up alarms and reflective markings. Flashing front/reverse lights and pedestrian awareness spot lights may be used to further support awareness.

At IMHX, a Hyster® Fortens™ lift truck with a 3.5 tonne capacity will be on display, fitted with additional features to further support driver awareness. This includes Hyster® object detection solutions to help support drivers in identifying nearby hazards, in turn potentially avoiding costly damage, and Hyster® camera systems, which may help support visibility in certain applications, making it possible to view the immediate area surrounding a truck and the load.
Hyster Europe also offers a range of mobile weighing solutions so operators can accurately weigh loads during transport, rather than transporting each load to a static scale, saving valuable time and increasing efficiency. To further support efficient operations in the construction materials supply chain, the Hyster® solutions team can combine the weighing system with speed limitation technology.

With either roof sensing speed limitation, or RFID speed limitation located in the warehouse floor, applications can automatically restrict the speed of the trucks when loads reach a certain weight.  This can in turn help minimise damage to the truck, load or warehouse infrastructure.

360-degree solutions for the paper industry

In busy paper handling operations, intelligent lift truck design is essential for preventing load damage and maximising reliability. Hyster® lift trucks include innovative features to keep paper moving through the supply chain, preventing product contamination and wrapper damage while minimising the damage caused by shock loads.

An ideal truck model in paper handling applications is the intelligently designed Hyster® J5.5XN-6 electric lift truck, which will be on display at IMHX.  This powerful, high capacity electric forklift provides excellent manoeuvrability in the tight confines of paper production and storage applications, alongside a low cost of operation.

The model that visitors to IMHX can see has also been specially adapted to meet the needs of customers in the paper industry. It features a custom mast that includes a variable spacer to enable paper rolls to be handled using a reel clamp attachment without the shift in load centre or reduction in residual capacity that can be encountered.

360-degree service and support

The global network of local Hyster® distribution partners, such as Briggs Equipment, provide full service and support, adapting to the needs of specific industries and application.  From providing guidance on reducing maintenance or fuel costs and optimal fleet management, to after-sales service to maximise uptime and productivity, Hyster® dealers have 360-degree expertise to enhance demanding materials handling operations.

Learn more from Hyster Europe at stand 19K120 at IMHX or visit Hyster® distribution partner Briggs Equipment at stand 19K125.

Plug Power announces expanded contract with FM Logistic, further extending presence in the European market

FM Logistic becomes first traditional GenKey customer in Europe, deploying Plug Power hydrogen refueling station in Neuville aux Bois, France

Plug Power Inc. (NASDAQ: PLUG), a leading provider of hydrogen engines and fueling solutions enabling e-mobility, has announced an expanded contract with FM Logistic, making it the first traditional GenKey customer in Europe. FM Logistic initially adopted Plug Power’s GenDrive hydrogen fuel cell technology in 2015. Continuing use today, this expanded relationship will include an increased fleet of GenDrive fuel cells along with a GenFuel hydrogen refueling station – Plug Power’s first in Europe – which will supply FM Logistic’s hydrogen capacity over the next five years. The deal with FM Logistic follows Plug Power’s announcement of a new partnership with StreetScooter and DHL, representing continued European growth as part of Plug Power’s strategic 2019 goals.

“For years we’ve been able to offer our material handling and logistic customers with the end-to-end solution they needed, whether it’s fuel cell engines or hydrogen storage and dispensers,” said Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power. “We are very excited to bring our customers in Europe the same services. Europe has been an area of focus for us this year, and this is a truly monumental step in proliferating hydrogen power. Ensuring a steady supply of hydrogen is a foundational element of reliable hydrogen infrastructure, and we continue to be a driving force for the global solution.”

As one of the most forward-thinking companies in Europe, FM Logistic has worked with Plug Power for five years to decrease their carbon footprint and increase productivity and efficiency of the fleet vehicles running in their distribution centers and warehouses. With their accelerated growth and facilities across France, FM Logistic turned to Plug Power’s GenKey solution. FM Logistic continues to show their commitment to clean, dependable, efficient power solution.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Plug Power over the last five years, and we look forward to continuing to grow this partnership,” said Yannick Buisson, FM Logistic’s Directeur Général France. “Plug Power’s GenKey offering will allow us to benefit from a unique, turnkey solution that aligns with our business and sustainability goals. We have a corporate responsibility to ensure our options are green, and this partnership is a crucial one.”

The new contract was signed in May 2019 and will include all necessary refueling infrastructure, related services, and hydrogen fuel. The new hydrogen refueling station will be located at FM Logistic’s operation in Neuville aux Bois, France.