Lithium Battery Price: Good Investment?

Purchasing a forklift battery is an important investment. The question for many companies, however, is whether their choice is a good investment.

The average cost of a lithium-ion battery is between $3,000 and $20,000, depending on battery size. This price tag can be up to twice as much as the average purchase price of a lead acid battery. However, when you factor in the long-term costs, a lithium-ion battery is less expensive than a lead acid battery.

Lithium-ion batteries offer significantly more benefits that make them a better long-term investment for most companies. Here’s why.

A Longer Lifespan

One of the first attributes a manager looks at is the average lifespan of a battery type.

A battery with a longer lifespan generally makes it a more valuable investment. If employees properly maintain the batteries in their fleet, the average lifespan of a lithium-ion battery is between 2,000 and 3,000 cycles.

A lithium-ion battery’s lifespan is twice as long as the average lifespan of a lead acid battery, which is between 1,000 and 1,500 cycles.

Batteries with shorter lifespans need to be replaced more often, and you may need at least two lead acid batteries to last the lifespan of one lithium-ion battery.

Longer Run Times

How long a battery runs before it must be charged impacts productivity and the overall efficiency of an operation.


Lithium-ion batteries typically run about 7.2 hours before requiring a charge. And, they can be safely discharged down to 20% capacity.

Lead acid batteries, on the other hand, require charging after about 5.4 hours of use. And, they can only be safely discharged down to 30% capacity.

The longer a battery is in service, the more cost-efficient it is to an operation. Swapping batteries after just 5.4 hours of use can lead to costly downtime for employees who must then remove the batteries from equipment and replace them with charged batteries so equipment can go back into service. This takes away productive time.

Shorter Charging Times

Lithium-ion batteries take just 1 to 2 hours to charge. They can be opportunity charged in between shifts or while employees are on break. Because of this, only one lithium-ion battery is typically needed per piece of equipment, regardless of how many shifts a company works.

Lead acid batteries require 8 hours to charge and another 8 hours to cool down. This means that the true amount of time needed for a lead acid battery to charge and go back into service is closer to 16 hours.

This is key for companies that have multi-shift operations. If a warehouse operates 24 hours a day, equipment that is powered by lithium-ion batteries can be opportunity charged a few times throughout the day. That means one lithium-ion battery can be used for the entire duration of the 24-hour period as long as it has been charged.

If using lead acid batteries to power equipment over the course of 24 hours, one piece of equipment would require three lead acid batteries since workers would need to completely replace the battery after approximately 5 to 6 hours of use and then charge and cool it for 16 hours.

In other words, managers must purchase three lead acid batteries for each piece of equipment to cover a 24-hour period.

Saved Labor Costs

Labor costs are key to determining the true cost of a battery. As mentioned above, lithium-ion batteries can be opportunity charged quickly and efficiently. The process of charging a lithium-ion battery can also save a company substantially in labor costs.

That’s because lithium-ion batteries:

  • Remain in the equipment during charging.
  • Do not require transport to a separate charging space.
  • Do not require extra time to refill the battery with an electrolyte solution.

5 years savings using lithium battery

In contrast, when charging a lead acid battery:

  • An operator must use special lifting equipment and because of the battery’s weight, trained personnel must then remove the battery and place it on a storage rack where the charging will be done.
  • The battery is then charged for approximately 8 hours.
  • Once the charging process is completed, the cooling down stage begins. This lasts an additional 8 hours.
  • The battery will either remain where it was charged or personnel may transport it to a designated cooling area, if the space is needed in the battery room to charge other batteries.

In fact, one major equipment manufacturer discovered it could save over $1 million by switching to lithium-ion batteries, simply due to the amount of lost productivity per day associated with charging the lead acid batteries they were using to power their fleet of equipment.

Safer For Employees

A safer work environment is one of the best investments a company can make. Lithium-ion battery technology offer several enhanced safety features:

  • They do not require water maintenance. Lithium-ion batteries are sealed shut, whereas lead acid batteries are filled with an electrolyte solution. They require regular refilling with water or the chemical process will degrade and the battery could suffer an early failure. Watering a battery comes with risks. If a spill occurs, highly-toxic sulfuric acid can splash onto the body and cause serious injury.
  • There is minimal risk of overheating. Lithium-ion batteries have a battery management system that tracks cell temperatures to ensure they remain in safe operating ranges. If lead acid batteries overcharge, the electrolyte solution can overheat, increasing pressure inside the battery. This can damage the battery, or worse, cause an explosion.
  • Less movement of the battery reduces risk for injuries. Because lithium-ion batteries can stay inside the forklift for the charging process, workers avoid any risks associated with battery swapping. Batteries can weigh several thousand pounds, and lead acid batteries require material handling equipment to lift and swap the batteries for charging.

You can read more about how using lithium-ion batteries can improve the overall safety of your operations in our article, The Top 5 Ways A Lithium-Ion Battery Makes Your Forklift Safer.

A Good Investment For The Future

Often, an option that has a low upfront cost can be the most costly choice in the long run, which is why it is important to know what you are buying.

A lithium-ion battery is a smart investment because it not only lasts longer, improves productivity and saves costs, it also enhances safety … protecting your most important investment … your employees.

Our article, How To choose The Right Forklift Battery, offers a more detailed look into the cost of ownership based on a 5-year period.


Written by Justin Forbes

Justin Forbes is the Director of Business Development at Flux Power. He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC San Diego, and earned his MBA from Duke University. He is responsible for developing marketing and customer acquisition initiatives, along with creating new business growth strategies to increase sales.


Forklift/Lift Truck News Briefs

Lift truck/forklift news and other MHE information.

Jungheinrich cancels participation in LogiMAT 2020

“The health of our customers and employees has absolute priority for Jungheinrich!”

Hamburg: Jungheinrich is cancelling its participation in this year’s intralogistics fair LogiMAT in Stuttgart from 10 to 12 March due to the progressive spread of the corona virus in Germany. “The health of our customers and employees has absolute priority for Jungheinrich,” explains Jungheinrich Board Member for Sales Christian Erlach. “It is therefore with a heavy heart that we have decided not to participate in LogiMAT this year. We thank the Euroexpo and all visitors for their understanding. LogiMAT is the most important intralogistics fair of the year for Jungheinrich. With this in mind, we look forward to seeing you again in Stuttgart in 2021.”

On its homepage, Jungheinrich provides information about the innovations and highlights that the company would have presented at LogiMAT 2020. In the coming week, visitors will have the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the fair and to exchange live information with Jungheinrich product experts in video Chats.

Flux Power CFO Chuck Scheiwe Selected As Finalist For 2020 CFO Of The Year Award

Chuck ScheiweVista, CA – March 2, 2020 — Flux Power, a developer of advanced lithium-ion batteries for commercial and industrial equipment including electric forklifts and airport ground support equipment (GSE), announced that CFO Chuck Scheiwe has been selected as one of the finalists for the San Diego Business Journal’s 2020 CFO of the Year Award.

Chuck joined Flux Power as Controller in July, 2018, and was promoted to CFO in December of 2018.  He is responsible for financial planning and analysis, accounting, and all aspects of corporate finance.

Manitex International, Inc. Will Report Second Quarter 2019 Financial Results on August 8, 2019

Conference Call Scheduled for 4:30 PM ET

BRIDGEVIEW, Il., July 25, 2019 — Manitex International, Inc. (Nasdaq:MNTX) a leading international provider of cranes and specialized industrial equipment, today announced that management will announce its second quarter 2019 financial results after market close on Thursday, August 8, 2019. Management will then host a conference call at 4:30 PM Eastern Time to discuss the results with the investment community.
Anyone interested in participating in the call should dial 1-888-599-8686 if calling within the United States or 323-994-2093 if calling internationally. A replay will be available until August 15, 2019, 11:59 PM which can be accessed by dialing 1-844-512-2921 if calling within the United States or 412-317-6671 if calling internationally. Please use passcode 4232591 to access the replay.

The call will additionally be broadcast live and archived for 90 days over the internet, accessible at the investor relations portion of the Company’s corporate website,

Kalmar celebrates the opening of North American Customer Experience & Training Center

Kalmar Charleston training facility

Kalmar, part of Cargotec, celebrated the grand opening of its new Customer Experience & Training Center (CEC), located in North Charleston, S.C. USA, on Wednesday, July 17, 2019. This facility is designed to accommodate dealer and customer visits – serving as a showroom, training facility, and customer service center for Kalmar USA’s mobile equipment business, including counterbalance forklifts, reachstachers, empty container handlers and terminal tractors.

Hands on operation and product demonstrations in the yard bring each realistic application to customer visits and training sessions. A 70,000 sq.ft. concrete yard provides a demonstration area where Kalmar and Kalmar Ottawa products can be showcased. Another important function of the CEC is the high-tech, AV equipped training facility, which will serve to educate Kalmar’s dealer salesforce.

The CEC also serves as a customer service center for Kalmar’s North American mobile equipment product support. The facility houses a service area and a large warehouse to provide support for Kalmar counterbalance products in the Charleston area. In addition, the CEC yard provides an area where Kalmar equipment is staged for quick delivery throughout the country.

“We are excited about the opening of the CEC and look forward to dealer and customer visits to demonstrate our solutions and educate visitors on Kalmar products’ strengths and advantages,” said Jason Murnane, Vice President, Solution Sales, Counterbalanced Equipment at Kalmar.

Electrovaya Adds Advanced Features to its Lithium Ion Cell

Electrovaya Inc. has announced certain advanced features have been added to its EV44 cell, including higher energy density and lower cobalt content. The cell, which has more than 44Ah of capacity and average output voltage of 3.7V, features improved temperature tolerance and cycle life. It can operate at continuous high charge/discharge rates and has been tested at 45oC, over hundreds of cycles, without external cooling. These advanced features will be available later in 2019.

Electrovaya believes the EV44 cell has one of the industry’s highest cycle lives for large format lithium-ion pouch cells, as well as low parasitic reactions and excellent safety. The cell should further reinforce Electrovaya’s technology for intensive mission-critical applications in electromobility such as electric forklifts, electric trucks, and electric buses. These applications demand batteries with a combination of high cycle life, fast charging, high safety standards, excellent energy, and power levels, as well as the ability to handle high-temperature excursions.

KION North America adds Quality Lift Trucks to Dealer Network

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. — KION North America Corporation announces the appointment of Quality Lift Trucks to its dealer network effective immediately.

“With an established 40-year history and longtime commitment to customer service, we are confident Quality Lift Trucks is the dealer best suited to help us improve our presence in the San Diego and Baja California, Mexico area,” said Michael Gore, vice president of sales, KION North America.

Quality Lift Trucks has served Southern California and Baja California since 1978 focused on quality, integrity, service and commitment to their customers. With locations in California and Mexico, the family-owned and operated dealership offers new equipment sales, parts sales, maintenance services, and short- and long-term rentals.

“KION product offering and proven quality were key in our decision to partner with KION North America in the San Diego area,” said Chad Hines, dealer principal, Quality Lift Trucks.

For a complete directory of KION North America’s current dealer network, visit

Electrovaya Signs Credit Facility Agreement to Finance Customer Purchase Orders

Toronto, Ontario – June 26, 2019 – Electrovaya Inc. has announced that it has entered into an agreement with a Canadian financial institution for a credit facility that will support Electrovaya’s growing business and working capital needs related to its recently-announced purchase order backlog of more than C$4 million.

The credit facility is expected to close once security arrangements and certain other requirements have been put in place. The initial facility is for up to C$1.5 million. The facility may be increased subject to securing certain new purchase orders.

Business owner fined and jailed for six months in unprecedented case after fatal forklift accident

A Victorian Magistrates’ Court found the owner of a scrap metal business guilty of breaching the Occupational Health and Safety Act after a worker was fatally crushed by a metal bin.

The company owner was operating a forklift to lift a metal bin which the worker was standing in. When the metal bin was raised in the air, the worker fell through the corroded base of the bin before the bin itself fell from the forklift tines on top of the worker.  Read more.

New forklifts and telematics streamline operations

Thyssen-Krupp, located in Park City, Kan., outside of Wichita, is a partner for the world’s leading aerospace companies and their supply chains. A big part of the company’s overall efficiency is dependent on its fleet of forklifts. After changing forklift brands, the company reduced maintenance costs while improving safety and operational visibility. Read more.

Forklift drivers convicted for cellphone use in warehouse

In the first case of its kind in Canada, two workers have been prosecuted for using their cellphones while on forklifts at work. This case demonstrates when the Ministry of Labour (MOL) will prosecute workers under Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and it shows the ministry’s expectations on employers to enforce zero tolerance policies with respect to cellphone use in potentially dangerous workplaces. Read more.

Frigates To Forklifts: A Designer’s Journey From The Navy To Industry

What do warships have to do with forklift trucks? For Kero Uusitalo, these two vastly different vehicles have shaped his working life – combining his childhood dreams and an enduring passion for design. Read more.

Rhode Island Man Arrested After Taking Forklift, Trying to Ram Police Cruisers

Just one more reason not to leave the key in the ignition!

RELiON Battery Announces New Online Store

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Sept. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — RELiON Battery, a leading global manufacturer of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, announced today the launch of its new online store. In a continued effort to strengthen the brand’s accessibility, enhance customer interactions and increase consumer product knowledge, the RELiON website offers e-commerce functionality for the first time.

Online shoppers in the U.S. looking for high performance LiFePO4 batteries for recreational vehicles, boats, electric vehicles, solar energy systems and more can now not only access in-depth technical information on RELiON’s products, but also shop from the comfort of their home. The online store stocks many of the company’s standard LiFePO4 batteries, including a range of 12V, 24V and 48V products. RELiON also offers free shipping on all orders, making sure that customers can take advantage of quick delivery.

“Launching our online store is a direct response to requests from consumers for an online shopping experience. Our goal is to offer a seamless customer experience by blending the convenience of ordering standard items in smaller quantities online with technical support to ensure customers get the right solution for their application,” said Paul Hecimovich, CEO, RELiON Battery.

RELiON will continue to increase product offering within the online store as the company’s product lines expand and new innovative technology is released into the market. With an assortment of products larger than most online lithium battery retailers, shopping at relionbattery.commakes it easy and convenient for consumers to order a LiFePO4 battery for their high powered applications.

“For anyone looking to quickly find an alternative to lead-acid or other traditional batteries, the RELiON online store will streamline the customer buying experience and save valuable time,” added Hecimovich. conveniently accepts all major credit cards and products purchased can be shipped anywhere within the continental United States. For more information on their new online store, visit

Forklift Accident Kills Man at Campbell’s Soup Plant

July 16, 2018. An accident involving a forklift and a dumpster at the Campbell’s Soup plant in Maxton, NC on Sunday left one man dead and another person with injuries., according to Powder & Bulk Solids.

Plant employees told local ABC News affiliate WPDE that a dumpster being moved by a forklift fell, fatally injuring one man. Another worker was injured in the incident and transported by helicopter to a local hospital. The Robesonian reported that the person received injuries while attempting to assist the man who died.

Doosan Industrial Vehicle unveils eco-friendly, smart forklifts

Doosan lithium ionJuly 16, 2018. Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle (DIV), celebrating the 50th anniversary of its foundation, introduced a high-tech forklift model BS7 running on lithium-ion batteries. Read more.

Poorly Maintained Propane Lift Trucks Send Workers to Hospital with Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Forklift slips off truck after it hits I-5, I-84 overpass

PORTLAND, Ore. — A truck carrying a forklift hit the the underside of an overpass while traveling north on interstate-5 on Monday afternoon, causing delays as crews work to get the forklift back on the trailer.  Read more.


The Wide World of Forklifts

May 15, 2018 – There are said to be roughly 400 forklift manufacturers in the world, of all types and varieties of equipment. No single trade show, no matter how big, could possibly include all of them, but CeMAT 2018, held in late April on the sprawling exhibit hall campus outside of Hannover, Germany, included a couple dozen forklift suppliers from the continents of Europe, Asia and North America. Read more at MH&L.

LEEA and IPAF working together to the benefit of members 

May 15, 2018 – The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) CEO, Dr Ross Moloney, recently met with Tim Whiteman, CEO of The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), and Richard Whiting, UK Market General Manager for IPAF, to discuss shared approaches for supporting members as well as exploring opportunities to work closely together in the future across the sector.

“It was a pleasure to welcome Tim and Richard to LEEA’s office. This meeting is part of our determination at LEEA to work across the sector to deliver more benefit for our members,” says Dr Moloney. “We see this as the start of an exciting period of cooperation between our two organisations.”

IPAF promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide through technical advice and information, influencing and interpreting legislation and standards, and safety initiatives and training programmes.

The not-for-profit organisation is owned by its members, which include manufacturers, rental companies, distributors, contractors and users. IPAF members operate a majority of the Mobile Elevating Work Platfrorms (MEWP) rental fleet worldwide and manufacture about 85% of platforms on the market.

Toyota Forklifts Expand Product Line with Marina Truck

 April 5, 2018 – Toyota Forklifts, a leading forklift manufacturer in North America, announced a new marina truck option for select models of its THD pneumatic forklifts. The fully-customizable marina truck option helps lift boats out of the water or transfer them from one location to another more efficiently than traditional methods. It’s a great solution for marinas, boatyards, dry stack facilities and any customer who launches watercraft.

The marina truck option boasts a lift capacity up to 55,000 pounds with load centers designed for the unique balance of watercraft and mast options with a negative lift of down to 20 feet. Equipped with features designed for marine environments including galvanized epoxy coated carriages and padded rotating forks to protect boat hulls, the marina truck option makes lowering and lifting boats out of the water and moving them in and out of storage a smoother process.

Toyota’s latest marina truck option also features a 7-inch touch-screen multi-function display with a capacity estimator and an optional wireless remote control for operating the forklift outside of the normal seating position. The new marina truck option is available now to order. For more information, visit


Lexington, KY – April 2, 2018 – CLARK Material Handling Company today announced it has appointed Pacific Material Handling Solutions, Inc. (PMHSI) as an authorized distributor of CLARK products in the San Francisco Bay and Northern California markets.

“Pacific Material Handling Solutions, Inc. is part of the Pacific Solutions group of Companies that provides Material Handling, Commercial Truck, Rental & Leasing solutions to their customers while focusing on long-term customer relations by providing cost-effective solutions. We are excited to have them join our dealer network,” commented Dale Guckian, CLARK’s Director of Dealer Development.

“We are extremely excited about our new affiliation with CLARK Material Handling and its rich tradition to the material handling industry. The CLARK organization provides Pacific the opportunity to bring increased value to our customers and aligns with our 24-7-365 commitment to our customers, associates, and partners,” commented Ralph Logan, Pacific’s President/CEO.

PMHSI will support its CLARK new equipment, aftermarket parts, and service efforts out of its facilities located in Union City, Sacramento, Stockton, and Modesto, California locations. Additional information can be found on the web at or by calling (510) 429-0303.

Holt of California remains an authorized distributor of CLARK products in the Sacramento, CA markets with facilities in West Sacramento, Stockton, Yuba City, and Redding, CA. Holt is a full-service material handling dealer featuring full sales and service departments.

April 5, 2018.  Storage Equipment Safety Service returns to MODEX and the North American Market

Storage Equipment Safety Service returns bringing its 31 years of expertise in Rack and Shelving Safety Inspections and Training to the North American Market.  SESS states it is the market leader in independent rack safety inspections covering the UK, Ireland, Europe, North America and the Caribbean.

Many warehouse users are unaware of the requirements of the RMI codes and guidelines or even the manufacturer’s requirements for installation and use of racking systems.  They are therefore unaware that they are in fact operating in conditions that are unsafe.

SESS USA LLC is passionate about ensuring that all warehouse users operate in a safe environment, which allows them to return home safely to their loved ones. Years of working with warehouse and health and safety personnel have identified a need to educate and raise the awareness of end users on the correct and safe use of racking and shelving.

SESS USA LLC works closely with its customers to ensure that:

  • Annual Inspections are done and damaged racking is identified and classified according to risk level as well as to identify operational issues such as pallet condition, clearances, housekeeping, general conformance to RMI Codes, etc
  • Employees are properly trained to perform in-house monthly inspection
  • Post-Installation inspections are done to ensure that racking has been installed according to manufacturer specifications.

SESS USA LLC  will be participating in Modex 2018 where it will showcase its rack inspection and training services. We look forward to meeting with attendees to discuss their rack safety needs.

Post-Modex will see the re-introduction of the company’s online store and our safety blog which will assist in raising the awareness for rack safety and assist in educating their customers on information pertinent to rack and warehouse safety.

InterrollApril 5, 2018.  Sant’Antonino, Switzerland. Interroll, leading global provider of material handling solutions, announces today that Dr. Ralf Garlichs, Executive Vice President Products & Technology and member of Interroll Group Management, has decided to leave the company by the end of June.

Garlichs, 55, joined the Interroll Group in 2006 as Executive Vice President Drives & Rollers. Since 2011, he has been Executive Vice President Products & Technology and a member Interroll Group Management.

“Ralf Garlichs has been highly successful in advancing Interroll’s technological development and innovation over the past few years, especially with regard to our platform strategy and the digitalization of our company,” says Paul Zumbühl, CEO of the worldwide Interroll Group. “He also directed the successful expansion of our production capacities and pushed forward the implementation of lean manufacturing as part of our globally oriented Interroll production system. We are convinced that on these very good foundations we will successfully speed up our further expansion. On behalf of the entire Interroll Group Management, I would like to thank Ralf Garlichs and wish him the very best for the future.”

The successor of Garlichs will be announced at a later date.


Pallet Rack News
Hannibal Industries, Inc., a world-leading manufacturer of steel pallet racks for the material handling industry, today announced its cantilever racking system has been successfully installed in Western Window Systems’ new warehouse through Handling Systems.
Based in Phoenix, Western Window Systems designs and manufactures door and window systems that bring indoor and outdoor spaces together. As a preferred choice of architects, builders, and homeowners throughout North America, it’s inspired by modern living with unlimited design possibilities in residential, prefab, retail, commercial and educational projects.
Western Window Systems and Handling Systems worked closely with Hannibal to obtain permits, design concepts and development to complete the installation ahead of schedule. Hannibal Industries Cantilever Racks are ideal for storage of long, bulky products and are available in heavy-duty structural or medium duty roll-formed design.
Additional information on Hannibal Industries is available at

December 4, 2017. Chamberlain Group acquires Systems, Inc.

Automated dock-levelers now a part of CGI’s product suite

Warehouse equipment news
Oak Brook, IL-Chamberlain Group (CGI), a global leader in access solutions and products, has acquired Systems, Inc. (SI), one of North America’s leading dock-leveler manufacturers.

“Online retailers are driving growth in the warehouse space and that growth has increased the demand for integrated and efficient access solutions,” said JoAnna Sohovich, CEO of CGI. “We’re very excited about this acquisition because it expands the scope of solutions CGI provides by adding dock-levelers to our product offering and expanding our brand portfolio to meet the diverse needs of warehouse managers. It will also allow us to offer enhanced efficiency to end-users through the integration of automated solutions on our connected platforms.”

Sohovich noted that Sl will continue to operate as they do now, with their President, Mike Pilgrim continuing to lead the dock-leveler business.

“We’re very excited to be a part of the CGI team now,” said Pilgrim. “A family-owned company of their caliber has the kind of resources and values-driven culture that any organization would want to be a part of.”

“SI has excellent strength in manufacturing, they have great customer service and a very robust network of independent dealers, installers and national accounts,” Sohovich added. “We’re looking forward to the great things Mike and his team will do as a part of CGI.”

December 4, 2017. Eberspaecher Vecture: Intelligent battery solutions for Industry 4.0 and logistics.

Forklift news
In logistics and warehousing forklifts are the driving force. Eberspaecher Vecture’s Battery Management Systems (BMS), digital acquisition systems (DAQ) and battery chemistries ensure their optimal functioning. One year after Eberspaecher acquired the majority stake in Vecture Inc., the company further develops its expertise for industrial purposes.

December 1, 2017.

Forklift news
Woman injured after forklift tips and falls from dock.  A woman was taken to hospital after her forklift tipped over, falling five feet from a dock. She was restrained by the use of her seatbelt.

November 29, 2017.

Forklift news
Buffalo Forklift to Consolidate in Amherst.

November 27, 2017

Dr. Thomas Toepfer, CFO of KION GROUP AG, will be leaving the company on March 31, 2018. He will be joining Covestro AG in Leverkusen, one of the world’s leading polymer material manufacturers, in the same role. On Monday, the Supervisory Board of KION GROUP AG agreed to Dr. Toepfer’s request to have his contract – which would have run until August 31, 2020 – terminated early. The Supervisory Board will decide on his successor very soon.

Dr. John Feldmann, chairman of the Supervisory Board, stated: “It is with regret that the Supervisory Board has accepted Thomas Toepfer’s resignation, but we respect his decision to pursue his next career step outside our Group. Thomas is a very experienced CFO and Labor Relations Director and we are sorry to be losing him. Under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer Gordon Riske, he has worked closely with his colleagues on the Executive Board and has played a crucial role in our success and in shaping the positive development of our Group over more than five years. He has placed the financial structure of the Group on a sound long-term footing and will be handing over the finance function in very good shape. Dr. Toepfer has played a crucial role in ensuring that the KION Group has enjoyed the confidence of the capital markets and of its shareholders in recent years.”

Gordon Riske, Chief Executive Officer of the KION Group, said: “I would like to thank Dr. Toepfer for the successful and collaborative working relationship and for the substantial contribution he has made to the trajectory of profitable growth and our transformation into an integrated supply chain solutions provider. We wish him the best of luck and every success in his new role.”

November 7, 2017. Wajax celebrates 50 years as Hyster distributor.

2017 marks the 50th year of the business relationship between Wajax and Hyster Company, who celebrated the occasion with a series of events across Canada as well as with the introduction of new warehouse products and the latest Class V internal combustion pneumatic forklifts.

November 6, 2017. Researchers work on autonomous forklift trucks.

The European consortium behind the Iliad Project is working on the development of autonomous forklift trucks.  The team, which consists of robotics specialists from the UK, Sweden, Italy, and Germany, has been working on the project for four years and believes the machines can support tasks such as packing, palletizing and transporting goods.

October 29, 2017.  Forklift battery technology is a top priority for the future.

Battery technology has emerged as the top technical challenge for the future by forklift truck operators, dealers and the wider industry according to early results from a new national survey being undertaken by FLT manufacturer TCM.

October 23, 2017.  Smart Glasses Make the Difference in Food Logistics Order Picking

Warehouse logistics needs to run quickly when goods rotation is high, especially when it comes to perishable food products. Belgian third-party logistics provider Weerts Supply Chain S.A. therefore relies on the pick by vision solution from logistics IT developer Picavi. In its central warehouse near Liege, Weerts currently uses fifteen pairs of Glass Enterprise Edition to pick orders for American food giant Mondelēz.

October 19, 2017. KION North America Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Forklift news briefs

This month, KION North America Corporation made a donation to Susan G. Komen South Carolina in support of their mission to “save lives by meeting the most critical needs in our communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer.”

In addition their financial contribution, the company is displaying a pink forklift in front of their facility and employees have been encouraged to wear pink on each Tuesday throughout the month of October.

“We have employees and their families members who have personally been affected by breast cancer, or other types of cancer,” said Vincent Halma, President and CEO of KION North America. “We felt a responsibility to show our support of this critical mission.”

KION North America is a member of the KION Group, one of the world’s two leading manufacturers of industrial trucks and the world’s largest manufacturer of electric forklifts. The company, which employees an estimated 200 employees, has been in operation in Summerville, S.C. since 1985.

October 19, 2017. Hoist and Rigging Training Made Easier with Columbus McKinnon’s New Website

Whether you need to meet OSHA or ASME requirements, receive overhead crane and rigging certification or simply gain the peace of mind that comes from having a safer work environment, Columbus McKinnon can help. Columbus McKinnon Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCO), a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of material handling products, systems and services, launched its new training website, putting all of the information professionals need to get trained and do their jobs safely right at their fingertips.

“Promoting the safe and proper use of hoist and rigging products is a top priority for Columbus McKinnon,” said Paul Smielecki, marketing and training manager. “Our new website will allow Channel Partners and end users to easily find detailed course information and immediately register for training classes.”

In addition to comprehensive course information, Columbus McKinnon’s new training website provides information on the company’s professional trainers as well as its training locations, including the state‐of‐the‐ art Niagara Training Center and Rock Lititz entertainment center of excellence. There is even hotel and flight information available for easy and convenient trip planning.

The site also features downloadable safety resources, like a Hoist Pre‐Operational Inspection Checklist, that riggers, plant managers and safety supervisors can share and post at their facilities.

October 17, 2017. Worker dies in serious incident at Swift CaravansA UK worker was fatally injured in a collision involving a forklift.

October 13, 2017.  Newmarket Company Fined $135,000 After Worker Fatally Injured by Forklift. A temporary worker was critically injured and later died after being struck by a forklift in an area that was shared by both forklifts and pedestrians.

The Ontario Ministry of Labour’s investigation found that the walkway was a shared pedestrian and forklift aisle frequently used as a traffic corridor in both directions. There were no pedestrian crossways, stop signs, mirrors, walkways or barriers separating pedestrians from forklift traffic, and there were no identified crossing points along the aisle to make pedestrian movement more predictable and easier to anticipate.

A Ministry of  Labour ergonomist conducted a line-of-sight assessment and concluded that there had been an insufficient distance for the forklift operator to safely bring the forklift to a stop before the impact with the worker. Also, there was a ‘blind spot’ area, and the forklift operator had not been speeding.

Empty bins were stored two high adjacent to the yellow lines on the floor in the surface line area. The line-of-sight assessment indicated that the storage of empty bins adjacent to the yellow lines on the floor in the surface line area was a contributing factor to the incident. The location and height of the bins limited the sight lines available to the forklift operator by effectively blocking part of the view.

September 18, 2017. Silver Jubilee — Mitsubishi releases special edition warehouse and forklift trucks.

September 11, 2017. Pallet-Track to roll out cameras on its forklift trucks after successful trial. Leading logistics company Pallet-Track is rolling out more than 100 bespoke high resolution cameras for its fleet of fork lift trucks (FLTs) to help drive increased efficiencies and protect its unparalleled industry record of never losing a consignment during its 13-year history. The company moves more than 20 million pallets annually.

September 6, 2017. Tougher new test for UK fork lift operators comes into force.  From the 1st September, anyone training as a fork lift truck operator will find the test considerably tougher than ever before.

September 1, 2017. Forklift Foils Gravity’s Effects. Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS) was designed to directly improve vehicle stability by automatically stabilizing loads during high lifting and reducing the possibility of the forklift and its load tipping over as it turns.

August 29, 2017. Hyster lowers handling costs for paper recyclers.  The collection and recycling in Europe increased by almost one million tonnes of paper in just 5 years. As the industry continues to grow, Hyster Europe claims that it can help even the most intensive paper recycling operations reduce cost and maximise efficiency.

August 26, 2017. When Automation Doesn’t Bring Layoffs. UniCarriers Americas, a subsidiary of Kyoto, Japan-based Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift, employs 600 workers at its plant 75 minutes northwest of downtown Chicago. Though the plant has automated more and more production in the past five years, no workers have been laid off. In fact, headcount has doubled since 2012, and the company has spent $1.1 million to retrain employees for other jobs within the factory.

August 23, 2017. Massive Forklift Used to Steal ATM. Closed circuit television captures the heist.

August 18, 2017. Schoolboy who stole forklift truck and went on a two-hour rampage escapes a PRISON sentence.

The 15-year-old, who was also carrying a rifle, stole the industrial machine from a farm shop before setting off along country roads in the late evening last September, a court heard. He recklessly crisscrossed lanes around Sonning Common and Cane End near Henley-on-Thames in Berkshire at speed before maneuvering the prongs under the chassis of a blue Fiat Punto before tipping it onto its side, writing it off.

August 15, 2017. Hyundai Construction Equipment’s has launched the newest of its all-around heavy-duty diesel forklifts – the compact but powerful 160D-9L. The new truck fills the gap between the 160D-9 and 180D-9 and offers an increased load capacity, extra safety, cost-effectiveness and operator comfort.

August 7, 2017. Forklift Operators: Drivers of Change.

August 7, 2017. Delivery driver who had leg ‘crushed’ by forklift truck at work sues for £300k.

August 3, 2017. Man Heralded After Spotting Runaway Forklift.

Augusts 3, 2017. Food firm fined for forklift accident. A manufacturer of prepared meals has been ordered to pay more than £100,000 for safety failings, fter a worker fell 6m off the back of a forklift truck.

August 3, 2017. Ontario’s Concord Premium Meats Ltd. has been fined $55,000 for a forklift accident at its Brampton, Ont. plant.  The incident took place in May 2013 and involved a shipper/receiver operating a walkie forklift. According to the Ministry of Labour, the young worker was moving meat with the small forklift and collided with materials being moved by a co-worker. The worker suffered a broken ankle during the accident.

August 2, 2017. Hydrogen-powered vehicles are finally taking off—inside Amazon and Walmart warehouses. In the last few months, Plug Power has struck two $600-million deals. One with Amazon for forklift fleets in 11 warehouses, and another with Walmart for the same in 10 warehouses. (Walmart is already using Plug Power forklifts in 22 warehouses).

August 2, 2017. E Instruments has introduced the F900 Carbon Monoxide Exhaust Analyzer. This device is designed to accurately measure CO from forklifts and small engines for CO safety testing, pre-compliance testing, and engine tuning and maintenance.

The F900 is now available with a wireless Bluetooth printer, which allows users to print on-site exhaust analysis reports.

July 28, 2017. Top 6 Forklift Mobility Trends. In case you are wondering, these include alternative power, low resistance and non-marking tires, safety, lift scales, Internet of Forklifts, and compact platform.

July 26, 2017. Winnebago plant in Middlebury fined $10,000 following worker’s death. The Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration has fined the Winnebago plant in Middlebury $10,000 for workplace violations after a 54-year-old employee was run over and killed by a forklift in April. Two serious violations were noted: A windshield was installed on a forklift, which affected it’s operation, and the forklift wasn’t operated at a safe speed.

July 23, 2017. Teen Worker Run Over by Forklift.

July 22, 2017. Plug Power shares jumped as much as 19% in response to an announcement that the company had expanded its relationship with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

July 21, 2017. Port of Tilbury is London’s major port and operates on such a large scale it needs its own on-site, resident engineers to ensure the continual running of vital equipment. FSDF member Briggs Equipment is able to offer a 3 hour response time to breakdowns thanks to its nationwide fleet of service engineers, however the expectations of a busy port are even more immediate and the Port remains one of the company’s longest standing examples of providing a resident team to help a customer achieve their productivity goals.

July 19, 2017. A worker at a UK building site was potentially seriously injured when he was crushed between a forklift and a post. He was airlifted to a London Hospital.

July 18, 2017. The AC-powered forklift market is expected to grow at 6.5% CAGR through 2021. The new BCC Research report also notes the major applications of forklift trucks are distribution centers and warehouses, accounting for 27.5% and 25.2%, respectively, of the 2016 global market. In response to consumer desire for ever-shorter delivery times, e-commerce companies are seeking warehouse spaces near urban areas. As the demand for distribution centers increases, the demand for forklifts is expected to jump during the forecast period.

BCC Research projects that the global forklift truck market will grow from $41.9 billion in 2016 to $56.3 billion in 2021 at a 6.1% CAGR.

July 17, 2017.  EnerSys® NexSys® TPPL (Thin Plate Pure Lead) technology batteries have been chosen by Kuehne+Nagel to power vehicles at a new warehouse in Turkey, eliminating gas emissions and thus increasing safety and reducing time loss on battery change.

July 13, 2017.  Brazen cash machine thieves use a forklift to smash through building society wall and escape with the loot.  CCTV footage captured a Bobcat telehandler ramming a building three times before lifting free an ATM and placing it onto a pick-up truck. Click image to watch.

forklift news briefs

July 12, 2017.  A Mississippi man was fatally injured while pressure washing a building. He was standing on a forklift platform when the forklift tipped.

June 27, 2017.  Drunken Rampage. A 20-year-old man Ontario man is facing numerous charges after allegedly stealing a forklift while drunk and taking it on a destructive drive, according to the Toronto Sun. When police arrived they found damage to property and trees, as well as overhead wires which were pulled down.

June 25, 2017.  Forklift safety training is critical. An article from the National Safety Council stresses the importance of forklift training.

Ensol To Showcase Ensol Smart and Ensol Cloud Innovative Solutions at MODEX 2020

Ensol ForkliftThe company will join the trade show for the third time to unveil the market’s first self-reporting battery and cloud-based material handling fleet management platform

Ensol, a manufacturing and service company designing, building and delivering innovative lithium industrial batteries, will showcase its novel Ensol Smart™  and Ensol Cloud™ solutions during MODEX 2020. The key trade show for material handling industry players will take place in Atlanta on March 9-12, 2020.

Ensol Smart™ is the first self-reporting battery on the market. Essentially, the battery is equipped with a patented Active Battery Management System (Active BMS), the technology that makes an already efficient lithium battery even more productive. Conventional lithium batteries become inoperable when one of the cell capacity deteriorates below 50% of nominal. In Ensol Active™ battery other cells automatically compensate for the damaged cell’s capacity. This provides 10-20% higher available capacity and 50% longer lifetime. Ensol Smart ™ battery is the core element of the company’s proprietary Ensol Cloud™.

Ensol Cloud™, a unique Internet of Things platform for a material handling fleet management, enables immediate fault alerts and allows to track equipment utilization benchmarks across various equipment types and facilities. Over 40 parameters are transferred from the batteries to the Ensol Cloud™ to be stored and analyzed. As each Ensol battery is equipped with Active BMS, Ensol Cloud™ allows upgrading batteries remotely when they are not in use.

“We are excited to join MODEX 2020 again to showcase our newest and most popular products. With over 5,000 high performing batteries installed worldwide, we are keen to share our experience with the industry players and to further drive the adoption of clean and effective battery technologies,” says Lola Rakhimi, CEO at Ensol.

Visitors can also learn more about Ensol’s specialty solutions for extreme environments. Firstly, Ensol Frost™for the food handling industry, specifically designed to work in cold storage warehouses. This one-of-a-kind battery maintains its performance and lifetime at temperatures as low as -22°F. Secondly, Ensol Fusion™, a lithium battery engineered to operate in forgeries and steel plants, in extremely hot temperatures up to +176°F. Finally, Ensol EX™, an explosion-proof battery exclusively designed to function at the facilities where fire or explosion hazards may occur due to the handling of flammable gases or liquids.

Ensol is an R&D-centric manufacturing and service company specializing in industrial lithium solutions with over 5000 batteries installed globally. The company has brought a whole range of innovative products to the US material handling industry, including Ensol Smart™, Ensol Cloud™, Ensol Frost™, among others. Established in 2012, Ensol is keen to share its experience and expertise to further drive the adoption of clean and effective battery technologies.

For details, please visit

EnerSys® to Present the Latest Advances in Lithium-ion

(Li-ion) Battery Technology During MODEX® 2020 On-Floor Seminar


READING, Pennsylvania, March 3, 2020 – EnerSys®, global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications, will deliver a presentation on the latest advances in Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology as it applies to the material handling industry. Presented by EnerSys Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Joern Tinnemeyer, the on-floor seminar will take place at MODEX® 2020 on Monday, March 9 at 3:45 p.m. in Theater F. The show will take place from March 9 to 12 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

“There’s been a great deal of industry excitement surrounding Li-ion battery technology as it pertains to lift truck power, but at the same time, quite a bit of confusion still remains concerning the benefits, features and safety of the technology,” said Harold Vanasse, Senior Director of Marketing, Motive Power Americas at EnerSys. “As an industry-leading power solutions provider, it is our responsibility to stay in the technological forefront and to convey our knowledge on the latest scientific advancements in battery power. Joern Tinnemeyer possesses a wealth of knowledge on the subject and this seminar will give attendees a better ability to evaluate different lithium battery solutions that will help them to understand how it can transform vehicle productivity and performance for years to come.”

Key takeaways from the EnerSys on-floor seminar – From Hoverboards to Lift Trucks: What You Need to Know About Lithium-Ion Batteries and the Battery Management Systems and Standards that Surround Them – are as follows:

  • The differences between Li-ion battery technologies and why technology is a key consideration in the decision process
  • The importance of the Battery Management System (BMS) as it relates to the safety, reliability and performance of a Li-ion battery
  • The standards to look for when choosing Li-ion technology
  • The layers of a safe Li-ion design – from cells and system design to an overall culture of safety

While at MODEX®, EnerSys also welcomes attendees to visit booth no. 7632 to discover the modernization behind virtually maintenance-free NexSys® batteries, including the NexSys® PURE battery and the upcoming NexSys® iON battery, two advanced solutions engineered to provide simpler and more productive, predictable power to enhance the overall user experience. Featuring the latest generation of Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) and advanced Li-ion technologies, these superior batteries provide intelligent, flexible power to deliver increased reliability and performance no matter the size of the operation. In addition, EnerSys will showcase the innovation behind wireless charging with an on-site demonstration.

For more information on EnerSys and its full line of products, systems, and support, visit


Flux Power Reports Record Second Quarter Revenue and Sales Backlog

Vista, CA – Flux Power Holdings, Inc., a developer of advanced lithium-ion batteries for commercial and industrial equipment including electric forklifts and airport ground support equipment (“GSE”), has reported results for its fiscal year 2020 second quarter ended December 31, 2019 (Q2 ‘20).


  • Q2 ’20 revenue increased 33% to $3.6M reflecting the continuation of strong growth from the rollout of a full product line of packs for forklifts, along with increased unit volume and a higher percentage of larger packs.
  • Q2 ’20 gross margins improved to 9.0% driven by the Company’s gross margin initiative.
  • Increased sales efforts generated a record order backlog of approximately $10M at the end of Q2 ’20, driven by orders across the full line of forklifts and airport GSE.
  • Sales from 3-Wheel Class 1 Forklifts, as Flux Power is now shipping its “L-Series” Class 1 packs designed for 3-Wheel forklifts, a growing sector in new, highly-efficient warehouses.

ron-dutt-ceo-flux-power“We are pleased to see recent revenue growth from our full product line of forklifts and airport GSE,” commented Flux Power CE O Ron Dutt, “Our relationships with Fortune 500 customers and forklift OEMs continue to expand, and we are nearing completion of UL Listings on our full product lineup for forklifts. Our strategic priority for the next twelve months is to complement such strong revenue growth with significant improvement in our gross profit margins. We are well on our way to achieving this goal.”

FY 2020 and Beyond

  • Flux Power anticipates FY’20 revenue to continue to increase rapidly reflecting: (i) rollout and growth of full product line of LiFT Packs; (ii) increasing demand for its private label products; and (iii) the strength of its current order backlog.
  • The gross profit margin improvement program is beginning to see traction as Flux Power implements a series of clearly defined activities to advance technology, design, production and purchasing efficiencies.

Q2 FY 2020 Operating Results:

Q2’20 revenue increased 33% to $3.6M compared to $2.7M in Q2’19. As the customer base increases, Flux Power anticipates seeing a smoother, more stable, growth trajectory based on increasing customers and orders.

Q2’20 gross profit improved to $326,000 compared to $255,000 in Q2’19, principally reflecting higher sales volumes and benefits from higher revenue and early impact of the Company’s gross margin improvement program.

Selling and administrative expenses increased to $2.2M in Q2’20 from $1.6M in Q2’19, principally reflecting increased staffing to support expanded operations and growth. Research & development expenses increased to $1.0M in Q2’20, compared to $882,000 in Q2’19 as Flux Power progressed development of higher capacity battery packs for larger equipment. Flux Power’s Q2’20 net loss increased to $3.3M from a loss of $2.9M in Q2’19, principally reflecting higher operating costs, partially offset by the improvement in gross profit and decreased interest expense.

At December 31, 2020, borrowings under Flux Power’s $12.0M Short Term Line of Credit provided by Esenjay Investments LLC, owned by the Company’s largest shareholder and other lenders, were $10.7M, due June 30, 2020, and a second short-term borrowing, due March 31, 2020 was $1.1M.

Additionally, the Company entered into a Factoring Agreement with BayView Funding dated August 13, 2019 with a current maximum principal amount of $3.0M and an initial term of 12 months, which can be extended.  Flux Power also implemented a working capital line sponsored by one of its leading OEMs for receivables with that OEM.


Douglas Battery™ to Feature Legacy® Battery and Charger Solutions at MODEX® 2020

READING, Pennsylvania, February 12, 2020 – Douglas Battery™, a leading manufacturer of batteries and chargers for material handling applications, will feature its full portfolio of power solutions for warehouses and distribution centers in booth no. 3819 at MODEX® 2020, which takes place from March 9 to 12 at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Attendees will have the opportunity to review the company’s state-of-the-art products, specifically designed to meet the high-power demands of material handling equipment.

“Whether running one lift truck or an entire fleet, a single-shift operation or multiple shifts, we have the right battery and charger solution for any operation,” said Steve Satek, Douglas Battery Director of Sales. “We’re pleased to be part of this growing exhibition and look forward to reconnecting with industry professionals.”

Douglas Battery will display a collection of its Legacy® batteries at this year’s MODEX show, including the company’s high performance and low maintenance power solutions. Legacy® batteries deliver excellent conductivity, are corrosion-resistant and include a sleeved positive plate separator to eliminate shorts and potential misalignments.

Douglas Battery will also display its charger portfolio in booth no. 3819. The LegaC2 modular charger, featuring one of the industry’s most compact and efficient designs, is suitable for a wide range of battery capacities, opening up the possibility of fewer chargers required for a fleet.  Additionally, the high-frequency, high-speed and fully automatic Raptor™ rapid charger will be on display. The Raptor™ rapid charger is engineered with the latest digital power control technology to safely fast charge batteries anytime during the shift-day.

Track daily usage, charge return, temperature, water level and equalization with the Douglas DataTrac™ battery monitoring device. The device is installed onto the battery to capture real-time information and records minute-by-minute data that can be tracked using the Douglas DataTrac™ Reporting Suite. Data capture allows battery fleets to be managed more effectively in order to improve productivity, cut operating costs and save time.                      

Visit the Douglas Battery LinkedIn page in the weeks leading up to MODEX 2020 to learn more about the company’s on-site presence at the show. You can also call Douglas Battery toll-free at 1-800-211-3684 or visit


Douglas Battery is a brand of EnerSys, the world leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications. Since 1921, Douglas Battery has maintained the reputation of producing and delivering the highest quality products in the industry and has remained a customer-focused company that anticipates and responds to customers’ needs. More information regarding Douglas Battery can be found at

OneCharge and ECOTEC Listed as Approved Vendors for Charge Ready Transport Program

OneCharge Lithium-Ion Batteries and ECOTEC chargers listed as approved vendors for “Charge Ready Transport” program, which provides financing for fleet electrification infrastructure.

OneCharge Inc., a leading provider of lithium motive batteries for the material handling industry, and Ecotec, a provider of world-class, energy-efficient battery charging solutions, announced today that their Southern California customers are eligible for Southern California Edison’s “Charge Ready Transport” program. This SCE program covers most or all of the customers’ costs for electric infrastructure needed up to the charging station. The five-year program has authorized up to $30 Million for forklifts specifically.

These are the main criteria for program eligibility, applicants must:
• be within the SCE service territory;
• purchase or lease two or more electric forklifts within 18 months of signing the agreement;
• procure, own, install, and operate the charging stations for 10 years;
• an easement will be required.

These are the zero-emission voucher incentive benchmarks for clean off-road equipment projects:

Forklift lbs. Lift CapFunding
8,001 – 12,000$15,000
12,001 – 20,000$20,000
20,001 – 33,000$50,000
> 33,000$150,000


Electric Forklifts Have Lower Operating Costs

Electric forklifts cost less to own over their lifetime than comparable internal combustion engine (ICE) forklifts. A typical ICE forklift is about 3-5 times more expensive to operate than its electric counterpart. And with fewer tune-ups, a reduction in engine parts and no tank refills, electric forklifts are also more productive than legacy forklifts. Lower operating costs, reduced maintenance and improved safety make electric forklifts a better investment.

Electric Forklifts Are Just As Powerful

Modern electric forklifts perform side-by-side with their ICE counterparts while being safer and less expensive to operate under most circumstances.

Electric Forklifts Reduce Pollution

With virtually no fuel expenditure, electric forklifts fit modern “earth-friendly” initiatives. With manufacturing trending green, electric forklifts are a smart, cost-efficient option. Plus, workers are not exposed to harmful tailpipe emissions with electric forklifts. The bottom line: less carbon footprint, and a more healthy work environment.

Electric Fleets Don’t Require Space-Wasting Battery Changing Rooms

Fast chargers eliminate the need for battery-changing rooms. Batteries are charged during scheduled breaks and shift changes without ever leaving the vehicle.

Fast Charging Won’t Harm Batteries

With unique algorithms, battery monitoring and heat management technology can actually extend the life of your batteries by almost 40% and reduce your battery inventory by 50%.

Energy Security

Energy efficiency and security are perhaps the most underrated of all the advantages of electric forklift trucks. The U.S. still imports millions of gallons of oil on a daily basis. Slowly and surely, electric forklifts (along with electric cars) are helping reduce the need for the U.S. to rely so much on foreign imports. Electric forklifts are helping to fill the void with reliable, safe, and efficient transportation – all with a better overall economic benefit.

Additional application requirements apply.

Source: OneCharge and ECOTEC

Flux Power Accelerates Momentum with Major Order and Multi-Year Purchase Agreement

VISTA, Calif., February 4, 2020 – Flux Power Holdings, Inc., a developer of advanced lithium-ion battery packs for industrial applications such as electric forklifts and airport ground support equipment (GSE), today announced that it has received an order for several hundred GSE Packs for a global airline.  The order was facilitated by Flux Power’s GSE distribution partner Averest, Inc.

The nearly $6M order, on a retail basis, will be delivered in scheduled shipments throughout 2020 (subject to cancellations and/or change orders).  The 80V, 300Ah lithium-ion battery packs will be deployed to power a fleet of baggage tractors at airports across North America.

“Airlines are increasingly looking for energy solutions for their GSE fleets that provide high performance, no emissions, and no water maintenance requirements,” Flux Power CEO Ron Dutt commented.  “The GSE Packs deliver all those benefits and provide a lower total cost of ownership for large fleets.”

Additionally, Flux Power announced that it has signed a Master Purchase Agreement with one of its existing Fortune 500 global heavy equipment customers.

This new multi-year contract covers a broad range of lithium-ion battery packs for use in material handling equipment.  Flux Power has been shipping packs to this customer beginning in Fall 2018, which has led to this agreement.

Flux Power plans to report results for its FY’20 Quarter Ending December 31, 2019, on February 11, 2020.

Toyota Material Handling Introduces New Energy Solutions Platform to Meet Evolving Customer Needs

Columbus, Ind. – Toyota Material Handling (TMH) has announced the launch of a new energy solutions platform designed to help the material handling industry meet the complex demands of evolving equipment, the environmental landscape, and energy management requirements. The new platform is called Toyota Industrial Energy Solutions.

Toyota Industrial Energy Solutions encompasses a suite of energy solutions to meet the current and future demands of material handling, including on-site consultation, environmental support, battery and alternative energy sources, chargers and accessories, and service and repair.

Toyota Industrial Energy Solutions utilizes resources that are unique to the Toyota dealer network, allowing customers to increase efficiency and optimize their operations. Through the new platform, Toyota forklift dealers can perform energy studies to highlight information and pinpoint efficiencies that optimize overall operational productivity.

“This is the next step on our journey to become a full-line provider of innovative, sustainable energy solutions for the material handling industry,” said Toyota Material Handling Senior Vice President Tony Miller. “As the market evolves and customers demand environmentally sustainable ways to power their forklifts, we will offer energy-saving and waste-reducing solutions nobody else in the industry can because of Toyota’s commitment to quality and our unmatched dealer network.”

The services provided through Toyota Industrial Energy Solutions include: reducing maintenance costs, lowering electric utility bills, reducing forklift downtime, and optimizing charging efficiency.

Toyota’s latest UL-rated lithium-ion battery lineup is part of the company’s aggressive offering for alternative energy solutions for its customers. Toyota is the first and only manufacturer in the industry to obtain UL-E and UL-EE certification for the combination of lift truck and lithium-ion batteries on a sit-down counterbalanced forklift. Over 50 lithium-ion battery solutions have now been tested and approved by Toyota for use across its electric forklift lineup.

“We remain committed to delivering the best products and services in the material handling industry, and that extends to alternative energy solutions,” Miller said. “Our customers count on us to offer versatile solutions that are also reliable and safe. Toyota Industrial Energy Solutions will help customers as they encounter evolving environmental standards and increasing throughput demands.”

To learn more about Toyota Industrial Energy Solutions or schedule a free, on-site energy consultation, visit online at

Renewance to Provide Battery Recycling Services to KORE Power

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho, Dec. 19, 2019 – KORE Power, Inc., a leading developer of high density, high voltage energy storage solutions, today announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) to enter into a strategic partnership with Renewance, Inc. (“Renewance”) to collaborate on the execution of battery recycling projects for KORE Power batteries which have reached their end-of-life.

Renewance has extensive knowledge of regulations related to industrial battery storage, packaging, transportation, and recycling. Renewance has also established an extensive network of logistics, field service, and recycling partners who, collectively, create a reliable and efficient means by which KORE Power will be able to transport and recycle lithium-ion batteries that have reached their end-of-life. This alliance will facilitate the proper disposal of KORE Power’s Mark 1™ battery cells at their end-of-life and will simultaneously create an opportunity for used battery materials to be reused in new batteries. In addition, Renewance will assist KORE Power in implementing strong and environmentally responsible recycling processes, thereby minimizing KORE Power’s end-of-life liabilities.

“This partnership with Renewance is a significant step towards enabling us to implement strong sustainability practices. We are determined to be an environmentally conscious company and to minimize the impact that the manufacture and use of industrial batteries can have on our environment,” said Lindsay Gorrill, CEO of KORE Power. “A significant driver of the immense demand for battery storage relates to people’s strong desire for green energy sources, such as wind and solar. We share that desire and want to feed that demand in the same spirit – by keeping the need for cleaner energy top of mind throughout the whole life cycle of industrial batteries.”

“Renewance is excited to partner with KORE Power on battery recycling projects. This alliance will enable KORE Power to deliver cost-effective and environmentally friendly reuse and recycling solutions to their customers. Renewance brings a wealth of experience and expertise on industry best practices and regulatory considerations to all reverse supply chain projects. We are looking forward to working closely with KORE Power on this mutually beneficial partnership,” said Dave Mauer, VP of Sales & Services.

ABOUT KORE Power, Inc.

Based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, KORE Power is a leading developer of high density, high voltage energy storage solutions for utility, industrial and mission-critical markets.  KORE Power designs and manufactures the industry-leading, 1500V Mark 1™ Energy Storage System. Developed to lower installation and operation costs with higher efficiency, the Mark 1™ includes proprietary NMC cells and modules, with innovative safety features, managed and optimized by the Mark 1™ BMS.  KORE Power serves the growing demand for applications such as replacing fossil fuel peaker plants, wind and solar plus storage projects, Microgrid optimization, behind-the-meter C&I, mining energy solutions and the Military.

For more information, visit