JLT Mobile Computers expands partnership and becomes exclusive reseller of Winmate products on the US market

The agreement deepens existing relationship between the companies with the aim to provide complete rugged computing solutions for enhanced operational efficiency in the warehouse, ports and other demanding application environments

Växjö, Sweden, 5 March 2020  –JLT Mobile Computers, a leading supplier of reliable computers for demanding environments, announces that it has signed a distribution agreement with rugged computing and embedded solutions provider Winmate Inc. Under the terms of the new agreement, JLT will exclusively distribute Winmate’s portfolio of rugged mobile computers, rugged tablets, and vehicle-mount computers in the United States. Strengthening the existing relationship between the two companies, the agreement marks another step in JLT’s growth strategy centering on their expanded product, service, and solution offerings and strategic partnerships to address customers’ business needs.

Recognizing the increasing complexity of customers’ planning, acquisition, implementation, and management processes as a result of digitization, IoT, Cloud and Industry 4.0 trends, JLT’s vision is to ensure trouble-free business operations for its customers. To realize this vision, JLT is gradually transforming itself into a provider of end-to-end rugged IT solutions, with a strengthened commitment to customers through the sale of complementary products, services, and consultancy besides the leverage of a growing number of strategic partnerships.

“JLT has been a pioneer and leader in the rugged computing industry for more than 25 years and today owns a long-standing presence in the U.S., especially within the warehousing, transportation and ports segments”, said Allan Lin, COO of Winmate. “By combining the JLT offering with Winmate products and expertise, we will together provide the best possible enterprise mobility solutions and services in the U.S. market.”

“Our strategy to become a provider of end-to-end rugged IT solutions is an ongoing transformation that has been underway for a while”, explained Per Holmberg, CEO at JLT Mobile Computers Group. “JLT is transforming from predominantly being a traditional hardware vendor to becoming a business partner and trusted advisor to our customers, providing the best combination of rugged hardware, software, services, and solutions.”

“Leveraging the strength of JLT’s products, deep expertise in system integration and proactive customer support, in combination with Winmate’s rugged enterprise mobility offering, we will bring outstanding products and solutions to the growing industrial-grade enterprise mobility industry in the United States,” says Eric Miller, CEO at JLT Mobile Computers USA.

To learn more about JLT Mobile Computers, and the company’s products, services, and solutions, visit www.jltmobile.com.

Long-time rugged IT supplier JLT Mobile Computers sets itself up for continued success with new brand identity


Having grown faster than the market over the past seven years and delivering record revenues in 2019, the new JLT brand’s growth strategy emphasizes solutions, expansion of sales channels, R&D, and strategic partnerships to address customers’ business needs

Växjö, Sweden, 12 February 2020 – After 25 years in business, JLT Mobile Computers, a leading developer and manufacturer of reliable computers for demanding environments, is continuing its growth strategy under a new brand identity. Having significantly outperformed the competition in its serviceable markets in recent years and posting record sales of SEK 142M in 2019, the new-look JLT is setting sights on further expansion of its market share with a fresh growth strategy centering around expanded product, service, and solutions offerings, with strengthened sales channels, strong R&D and strategic partnerships.

As a trailblazer in the field of rugged computers, over the course of 25 years, JLT has amassed solid experience and know-how in developing, producing and installing electronics in unforgiving environments. Maintaining full control over product development, production and service, JLT gained a competitive advantage that resulted in 15% average annual sales growth over the past six years, three times higher than the average annual growth of businesses serving the same markets (based on JLT estimates and data from VDC Research).

Recognizing the increasing complexity of customers’ planning, acquisition, implementation and management processes as a result of digitization, IoT, Cloud and Industry 4.0 trends, JLT is strengthening its commitment to customers through the sale of complementary products, services and consultancy to help them solve their toughest business challenges.

“We’ve listened carefully to the industry and we know that choosing the right hardware is only one step on our customers’ journey for improving productivity in the warehouse, port, mine or other applications areas,” said Per Holmberg, CEO of JLT Mobile Computers Group. “To address customer business needs we are transitioning our business model from being a traditional hardware supplier to becoming a business partner who’s on hand to help customers every step of the way, from device selection to system design, integration, deployment, and ongoing support.”

JLT’s strategy to become a provider of end-to-end rugged IT solutions is an ongoing transformation that has been underway for a while. It will move the company from predominantly being a traditional hardware vendor to a brand identity as a business partner and trusted advisor to its customers providing the best combination of JLT’s rugged hardware, software, services and solutions.

Looking into the future, JLT’s strategy for ongoing growth and broadening the company’s scope includes:

Focus on solutions, highlighting the challenges in a dozen major industries and markets, as well as the growth and productivity enhancement opportunities JLT products and services can offer.

Expansion of JLT’s offerings with a combination of proprietary products, sourced products, and accessories, and a broader scope of software and services. This enables JLT to comprehensively address customer needs. Through strategic partnerships, JLT has added tablets, handhelds, accessories, as well as new software products for terminal emulation, mobile device management and more. JLT:Care™ already offers totally predictable cost of ownership, and with the launch of JLT: Technology Services™ on the US market, JLT offers installation and maintenance services along with servicing of both JLT’s own and third-party products.

Expansion of JLT’s sales channel both through an increase in the company’s direct local presence and expansion of JLT’s global reseller network.

High emphasis on R&D with investment both in the enhancement of existing products and the development of new products. Examples are JLT’s research into integrated sensor technologies that yielded the JLT6012™ rugged vehicle-mount computer that has become the fastest-growing product in JLT history and a platform for the future development of both products and services. JLT’s R&D also made possible the new rugged VERSO™ Series of computers upgraded with the fastest processor options in the industry, as well as the recent launch of the smallest high-performance 10-inch VMT on the market.

To learn more about JLT Mobile Computers, and the company’s products, services and solutions, visit www.jltmobile.com. The full 2019 year-end report is available on the JLT Investor Relations site www.jltmobile.com/investor-relations.

New Konecranes technology brings lift trucks customers into the future



Here Konecranes presents four of the latest technical advances: increased reach stacker capacity, empty container handlers with triplex and free-lift mast, new lighter Konecranes Liftace models and Ecolifting features for greater eco-efficiency.

Reach stackers get stronger

The new, specially-designed top-pick spreader has given impressive abilities to the full range of Konecranes reach stackers for standard container handling. All three rows have one metric ton of additional capacity each, with a fully-laden maximum of 46 tons in the first row. The heavy-duty SMV 4646 TCX5 even allows 46 tons on all three rows. Every one of these more powerful reach stackers adds strength and flexibility to meeting the needs of each customer’s specific operating conditions. Higher capacity also leads to higher productivity as bigger loads can be moved in less time.

Empty container handlers go triplex

Some customers need lift trucks for low-ceiling warehouses. To address this directly, Konecranes has added a triplex mast and free-lift option to empty container handler model SMV 6/7 ECC 100DS. With this new feature, customers can use the same lift truck to move containers both inside and outside a storage building. The truck has a total lifting height of 7,650mm, allowing stacks up to 7 containers high out in the yard, and free-lift means container handling is manageable indoors, keeping the total mast height under set limits. The Smart Lift feature uses lasers to automatically select lifting height based on container size and stack position.

New Konecranes Liftace for lighter loads

Renowned for its productivity, easy-to-use features and small turning radius for tight maneuverability, the Konecranes Liftace range of forklifts now has two options for even lighter loads. The latest addition includes two new models with a load center of 600 mm: the F10-600 C for 10 tons and the F12-600C for 12 tons. Designed for extra visibility, easy maintenance and low fuel consumption, the Konecranes Liftace product family offers a durable lifting solution for operating areas with low-weight requirements and limited space.

Flow Drive leads Ecolifting

Still relatively new to the market, Konecranes lift trucks with Ecolifting features are making an impression as customers move towards more eco-efficient equipment. Power Drive, the first Ecolifting feature, reduces CO2, fuel consumption and costs by up to 15%. Flow Drive, the second, does the same thing up to 25%. Hybrid Drive, the third, gives reductions of up to 40%. Currently, the most popular feature is Flow Drive, with its innovative hydromechanical variable transmission and unique engine compartment design. Five reach stackers with Flow Drive were shipped to Australia this year, with more orders in the book to locations in the Netherlands and Thailand as well.

“From the very start, Konecranes Lift Trucks has always invested in research and development, and we continue to do so today,” says Patrik Lundbäck, Director and Head of Sales and Distribution at Konecranes Lift Trucks. “Technology never stops advancing. New products and upgrades improve the safety, productivity, and cost-effectiveness of our equipment. Our aim with this new technology is to give every one of our customers exactly what they need for their own particular set of circumstances – in other words, for their own worlds.”

Source: Konecranes

JLT Introduces Rugged Industry’s Smallest Fixed-Mount Vehicle Computer with Highest Performance

JLT Mobile Computers, a leading developer and manufacturer of reliable computers for demanding environments, has introducedan addition to its popular VERSO™ Series of high-performance vehicle-mount computers. The new VERSO 10 computer provides customers with the industry’s most compact, highest-performing rugged fixed-mount terminal and is perfect for installation even in the tightest spaces.

Featuring the smallest footprint in its class, the fixed-mount VERSO 10 is even slimmer than JLT’s existing cradle-mount VERSO+ 10. With all connectors integrated into its casing, the VERSO 10 is also significantly lighter and comes at a lower cost. Secure fixed-mount installation addresses safety concerns inherent in certain vehicle types and deployments.

“Available space in a driver’s cabin is a challenge in many industrial vehicles,” explains Per Holmberg, CEO of JLT Mobile Computers. “That’s why we designed our new VERSO 10 computer to fit virtually anywhere. It is the smallest rugged vehicle terminal on the market, giving customers the highest performance regardless of space limitations.”

The ultra-compact VERSO 10 computer comes with a standard (400NIT) or high-bright (800NIT) virtually unbreakable 10-inch LED display with JLT PowerTouch™ technology and is designed to withstand the harshest environments. With an IP65 ingress protection rating it is impervious to dust and highly resistant to water, can be used in extremely cold and hot temperatures, offers a wide 9-36 VDC power input, and has an internal battery for graceful shutdown in case of an unexpected vehicle power outage.

The high-performance VERSO 10 comes with an advanced Intel© Kaby Lake Core™ i7‑7600U processor with Turbo Boost, or the optional Core i3-7100U processor. Both are optimized for Windows 10 LTSC and come with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 support. The computer also features integrated dual-band WLAN 802.11ac with integrated PIFA antennas, Bluetooth, and optional GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou and 4G LTE mobile broadband to ensure reliable connectivity and positioning over large areas.

Customers with maximum performance requirements will benefit from up to 60% higher CPU performance with the Intel Core i7 option, making it possible to run advanced thick-client applications such as HD video streaming, positioning calculations and real-time video analysis or high-resolution graphical representations, as well as creating advanced new user interfaces for improving overall user productivity. Even with the Intel Core i3 option, customers with lesser performance requirements will see the same or better performance than was offered in older high-end VERSO models, but with lower power draw and lower cost as additional benefits.

JLT created the VERSO 10 for customers with high demands on computing power as well as the need for reliable, trouble-free operation in vehicles where space may be limited. Target customers are found within industry segments such as mining and drilling, forestry and agriculture, GIS, and defense.

Fairbanks Scales Announces New WF Series Forklift Scale

Converts most forklifts into a precision scale in minutes

forklift scale

Kansas City, MO – Fairbanks Scales Inc., the oldest scale company in the U.S. and the world’s leader in weighing equipment, announces the new WF Series forklift scale, which features a unique design ideal for today’s mobile weighing market needs. The WF Series converts most forklifts into a precision scale in minutes.

The WF Series is the perfect choice for today’s medium-to-large warehousing applications, which are rapidly moving towards on-the-go, real-time weighing to increase profitability by reducing material handling time. The WF Series is factory calibrated, so for non-commercial applications, the customer is ready to weigh immediately after completing the installation.

Incorporating a proven weighbridge design with two load cells in each weigh fork, the WF Series uses Bluetooth technology to communicate a highly accurate digital signal to the WF Series FB3200 Series instrument. Depending on the number of pallet weight measurements required, the WF Series could pay for itself within a few months!

The WF Series design has advantages over other solutions that incorporate the weighbridge into a secondary carriage plate, which changes forklift capacity center-of-balance. The design is also superior to other forklift scale solutions that use a cable between the weighbridge and the instrument, which is a known, and frequent, service problem.

A variety of features and options are available for the WF Series, including different fork lengths, remote displays, numerous capacities, Wi-Fi output, additional carriage heights, and Bluetooth output for PDA.

To learn more about the new WF Series forklift scale, visit http://www.fairbanks.com/.

Crown Equipment Introduces InfoLink 7” Touch Display Module

Infolink 7 Crown

NEW BREMEN, Ohio – Crown Equipment Corporation, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, has introduced a larger, more robust display module for its forklifts equipped with Crown’s InfoLink® fleet and operator management system. The InfoLink 7” Touch Display Module enhances the operator experience with greater functionality and an interface designed to simplify onboarding, maximize productivity and reinforce safety.

The information presented on the adjustable color LCD display creates a more informative and personalized experience for operators. For example, intuitive and easy-to-read menus and configurable widgets enable operators to customize their screen and receive context-sensitive alerts to increase engagement with the forklift. Three programmable-performance modes, as well as multiple language support, allow for equipment operation to be tailored to each user.

“We believe deployment of any technology must immediately disprove the misperception that it is more complex than the prior solution. This is why our design thinking approach includes studying how operators interact with our forklifts to better understand work context, physiological needs and cognitive requirements,” said Kim Stachler, marketing connected product manager, Crown Equipment Corporation. “Our new InfoLink 7” Touch Display Module is an example of how we apply learnings to facilitate enhanced engagement that leads to elevated productivity and safety levels throughout the entire operation. The module also provides a platform for introducing new InfoLink functionality and capabilities as operations change and evolve.”

An operator checklist with images at login helps ensure inspection compliance, while on-screen safety reminders and Dynamic Coaching™ messaging during operation reinforce operator training and deliver real-time feedback to operators. Built-in wireless connectivity provides access to enterprise networks and allows the sharing of real-time data for productivity tracking and preventive service, among many other uses. Wireless firmware downloads ensure new features can be leveraged for additional functionality and accommodate future application requirements as customer needs evolve.

Manitex International, Inc. Announces TC600 Series Boom Truck Mounted Crane

Broadening Manitex Straight-Mast Product Line With 60-Ton Series

BRIDGEVIEW, IL. – Manitex International, Inc., a leading international provider of cranes and specialized industrial equipment, has introduced the newest model in the next generation TC-series lineup. The new TC600 features a base rating of 60 tons and a maximum main boom height of 141 feet and a194-foot maximum height when equipped with an optional jib, expanding the company’s heavy-crane product offerings.

The TC600 incorporates a 4-section boom and offsetable lattice style jib utilizing high strength steel and components providing high strength-to-weight ratio for increased capacities at long radius. The TC600 includes a spacious, high-visibility cab and the advanced hydraulics of the Manitex TC line of lift solutions with increased lifting capabilities. Featuring a removable counter-weight system and uniquely designed trapezoid subframe, the TC600 provides added stability and precision control.

Steve Kiefer, President, Chief Operating Officer, added, “We are excited to add the TC600 boom truck to our line of products, supporting the industry’s growing need for high-capacity machines. Manitex has consistently been an innovator in meeting end-users’ needs for equipment delivering high-value, operator comfort and overall performance. The TC600 is available for immediate sale through the Manitex dealer network, and we are looking forward to displaying the TC600 at the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) in Louisville, KY in early-October and beginning deliveries in the fourth quarter of 2019.”

JLT Mobile Computers Significantly Expands its US Service Capabilities to Simplify Customers’ Repair and Maintenance Management

Växjö, Sweden, October 2nd, 2018–JLT Mobile Computers, a leading developer and manufacturer of reliable computers for demanding environments – and renowned for its high-level of support and flexibility in addressing customer challenges – is expanding its customer service and support capabilities in the US market. With the strengthened service offering, JLT is set up to better support its growing US customer base today and in future.

The new JLT service site near Atlanta, Georgia, offers repair and maintenance services for third-party products, including barcode scanners and label printers as well as rugged computers and tablets from most manufacturers, including Honeywell, Zebra, LXE and Intermec. Customers benefit from a single point of contact through JLT and can manage their entire fleet of Auto-ID equipment in the new JLT RepairEngine™ online maintenance management tool, resulting in decreased overall maintenance costs and more effective operations.

JLT RepairEngine significantly simplifies repair handling and device maintenance for JLT’s customers and partners.The easy-to-use web tool gives users the ability to not only start and track repairs 24/7, but also manage all of their rugged IT products and related hardware. Customers will get detailed analytics that provide key insights into the health and status of their hardware deployment and that enable them to spot and rectify trends promptly. Other benefits and features include: easier and time-saving RMA handling; smart-search functionality, using serial number, model etc.; tracking of ongoing repairs with status and location; and reports and dashboards of device status and repair history.

Since establishing its US subsidiary at the end of 2014, JLT’s US business has significantly outpaced the industry. The new scalable service offering will enable JLT to fuel and support further expansion in the Americas.

The new service center and the investment in such a comprehensive service infrastructure – including the deployment of the JLT RepairEngine – illustrate and sustain a core ethos of JLT: its desire to increase business value and maximize ROI for its customers by leveraging its broad range of experience and expertise in integrated technology solutions.

Contact JLT Mobile Computers today for more information about the expanded service offering (available for the North American market) or visit www.jltmobile.com to learn more about JLT, its products and solutions.


Next Generation RFID and IoT Forklift Reader for the Most Demanding Warehouse and Logistics Applications

The intelligent Forklift Reader from Venture Research can autonomously manage a pick, drop, stack and move operation using an array of RFID and IoT sensors.

PLANO, Texas — July 25, 2018 —  Venture Research, Inc., a leading global supplier of RFID and IoT solutions has announced the next generation ofIndustrial Forklift Readers. The Venture Research solution is designed from the ground up to withstand both indoor and outdoor harsh environments of forklift usage with its IP65 rating while incorporating the state of the art in RFID and IoT technology. With the swappable rechargeable Li-ion battery, the reader can be quickly installed to full operation in just 5 minutes on a standard type 2 or type 3 carriage forklift.

The Forklift Reader can sense its environment and autonomously manage the complete pick, drop and stack operations while providing store and forward transactions directly to the cloud via Wi-Fi or optional Cellular communications. Built-in location tracking incorporating GPS, RFID, and IoT (BLE) provides positional awareness of the forklift in real time.

An extensive array of options including support of up to 8 additional antennas, front facing camera, Vehicle Mount Terminal (VMT) support, GPIO, CAN Bus interfacing and flexible power options round out the extensive built in features.

Key features of the rugged RFID system for forklifts include:

  • IP65 rating protects from harsh environments
  • Integrated RFID reader and dual antenna array in a single enclosure
  • 12V to 36V integrated power conditioner/regulator for forklift provided battery power
  • Integrated Li-Ion swappable rechargeable battery provides 9 hours of continuous use
  • Height sensor to provide stacking and rack placement
  • Front facing distance sensor for accurate pallet sensing
  • Visibility indication with red, yellow and green LED indicators
  • Dual band 802.11a/b/g with Enterprise Wi-Fi® support,
  • RS232 console, or optional cellular connectivity
  • Directly compatible with Type 2 or Type 3 carriage standards
  • Built-in GPS
  • Integrated positional tracking using BLE
  • Supports up to 8 additional RFID antennas
  • Real-time support available 24/7, 365 days

For over 20 years, Venture Research Inc. has been providing end to end solutions for customers in the area of supply chain automation and asset management with specialization in RFID and IoT. The Company’s products and services have been deployed in over 1,000 installations in 28 countries on 6 continents. Venture Research provides state of the art solutions to the Aerospace, Department of Defense, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Distribution, Security, Document Tracking, Waste Management, and specialty tracking industries and has been an industry consultant related to the technology, processes and methodology to embed RFID and IoT sensors in existing processes. Visit: www.ventureresearch.com

Yale Announces Attachment Ready Trucks to meet Demand for Integrated Solutions

GREENVILLE, N.C. – Specialized applications have little tolerance for attachment integration issues or malfunctions that could cause downtime and eat into profits. To streamline installation and improve reliability of its integrated solutions, Yale Materials Handling Corporation has announced a new line of attachment ready trucks. Engineered with a modified front end, these trucks allow for Bolzoni Auramo paper roll and bale clamp attachments to fit seamlessly on a broad range of Yale® cushion tire and pneumatic tire lift truck models.

The truck-to-clamp interface minimizes installation inconsistencies and can enhance attachment performance. Yale attachment ready trucks help assure that operations consistently use proper hydraulic hose sizing, hose routing and hydraulic fittings. This can extend the useful life of the lift truck and attachment by reducing the risk of hydraulic and engine overheating, and engine component stress.

“Every minute in customer operations is critical. They simply can’t afford unexpected downtime and depend on their equipment to be up and running to meet demanding productivity schedules,” said Chris Murtha, Brand Manager, Yale Materials Handling Corporation. “This is especially true for operations that rely on specialized solutions like clamp-equipped forklifts. The attachment ready trucks offered by Yale exemplify a commitment to meet our customers’ needs for integrated solutions that keep critical operations moving.”

Bolzoni Auramo paper roll and bale clamps are specifically designed for use in heavy-duty applications like paper and recycling. Controlled clamp force, customized opening ranges and a wide selection of arm lengths and configurations are available to fit unique operational requirements.