For Third Year in a Row, Yard Management Solutions Named 2020 MHI Innovation Award Finalist

The only yard management system recognized for “Best IT Innovation”, YMS will be demonstrating their newest software features at MODEX booth #8178

Duluth, GA – February 12th, 2020 – Yard Management Solutions, the industry leader for supply chain and logistics software solutions, has once again been selected as a 2020 MHI Innovation Award Finalist. For the third year in a row, Yard Management Solutions has been recognized in the “Best IT Innovation” award category for quantifiable and sustainable results in cost savings, revenue generation, and customer satisfaction.
Innovation is a driving force that keeps Yard Management Solutions at the cutting edge of the logistics industry year after year. Providing real-time visibility on shipment status and location, increasing workforce productivity through better transparency, and enabling robust data analysis with detailed reports has solidified Yard Management Solutions’ software as the most powerful, user-friendly, cost-effective yard management tool on the market.
To qualify for this year’s award, Yard Management Solutions submitted three new software innovations, bringing a layer of added awareness and optimization to shipping yards across the globe. First, Enhanced Alert Intelligence monitors the shipping yard and notifies appropriate personnel of potential problems through software notifications, email alerts, and text messages. Second, Smart Yard “X-Ray Vision” provides real-time visibility on the exact contents of every trailer in the yard – a world-class warehouse management system inside the yard management system. Finally, Smart Yard “Shipment Optimizer” matches shipments with the best trailer or carrier based on facility-specific rules.
Last week, MHI announced the finalists for the 2020 Innovation Awards. After receiving 155 submissions, five independent judges comprised of professionals from the material handling and supply chain industry completed the initial vetting process. Four finalists were chosen as the most innovative products in each category – Best New Innovation; Best Innovation of an Existing Product; and Best IT Innovation.
On Monday, March 9th, 2020 finalists provide in-booth presentations to judges at MODEX 2020 in Atlanta, GA. MHI announces the winners in each category on Wednesday, March 11th during MHI Industry Night. Yard Management Solutions is exhibiting its full suite of software tools at MODEX booth #8178, including interactive touchscreen displays and live software demonstrations.

Automated Guided Vehicle system for Arvato

  • Arvato Supply Chain Solutions continues to advance the automation of its locations
  • Driverless handling of all floor-level pallet transport jobs in the Harsewinkel distribution center
  • Six Automated Guided Vehicles from Jungheinrich deliver around 400 pallets a day
Arvato Jungheinrich AGV

Photo: Left to right: Klaus Ochs, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration; Matthias Anders & Martin Döltgen, LE; Fabian Generotzky, Director Operations; Erich Berg, Project Manager; Kai Lienemann, IT

Harsewinkel/Hamburg: Among other things, Arvato uses its Harsewinkel location to deliver logistics services for customers in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries, with 31,000 square meters available for this purpose at the site. To cope with the increasing volume of internal pallet transport tasks while also countering the shortage of skilled labor, the site has invested in six automated guided vehicles developed by the specialist Jungheinrich.

For this purpose, around 300 reflectors were installed on the walls and shelves along the transport routes in the summer of 2019. These serve as navigation points for the vehicles and are recognized by a laser scanner on the vehicles. This enables the automated guided vehicles to navigate with an accuracy of up to two millimeters using triangulation.

During the implementation phase, a new conveyor technology control system was installed, floor markings were applied in accordance with 5S standards, and turning stations, as well as buffer racks, were set up on the central travel track to automatically buffer pallets and map out longitudinal and transverse transport operations.

The new technology is rounded off by system interfaces with the warehouse management software and the conveyor technology control system, plus new DTS-specific scanning dialogs. Employees working in Goods Receipt, Outgoing Goods, and Internal Transport were informed about the concept and the corresponding rules of conduct at the beginning of the year.

AGVs named after superheroes

The six vehicles, named after famous superheroes such as Hulk, Batman or Superman, drive to all the site’s warehouses, Goods Receipt, and Outgoing Goods, and also stop at the disposal area to empty the waste containers.

Driving jobs for the DTS are generated based on the transport jobs generated by the warehouse management software. The source and destination for the automatic system are generated via the respective source and destination storage locations. The DTVs navigate independently around the warehouse, open gates, and put pallet conveyor systems into operation.

“Thanks to the interfaces between the DTS, the warehouse management software and the conveyor technology, each pallet movement has an integrated status upgrade. This enables us to track the current position of a pallet in real-time,” explains Erich Berg, Lead Project Manager at Arvato.

In addition to this, the system also transports finished shipping pallets. The warehouse management software verifies whether there is already a loading row for the carrier or opens a new loading row and submits it to the control software.

“We can also provide the system with manual support at any time. With the help of a master computer, we can block off certain areas or hall sections in order to keep mixing between the traffic from the automated and manual halls to a minimum,” explains Matthias Anderson from the Logistics Engineering business unit. If an obstacle is in the way, the vehicle comes to an immediate stop and does not continue its task until the obstacle has been removed. The vehicle is also connected to the personal protection system, the high-speed doors, the fire protection doors and the fire alarm system. In the event of an alarm, the Automated Guided Vehicle exits the danger zone independently.

Powerful, zero-maintenance lithium-ion batteries

Thanks to their powerful, zero-maintenance lithium-ion batteries, the vehicles can run under full load for up to eight hours before they need to be recharged. At the end of the day or once all their jobs have been completed, the vehicles automatically return to their charging stations. These on-the-fly charging sessions enable the system to work around the clock without having to take special charging breaks.

“Driverless transport systems are the cornerstone of automated intralogistics. Based on tried and tested standard industrial trucks supplemented by automation components and controlled by intelligent software, they perform recurring transport tasks for high handling volumes extremely safely and efficiently. The EKS 215a, which Arvato is currently using, is an Automated Guided Vehicle based on the EKS vertical order picker. The EKS 215a can transport loads of up to 1.5 t in weight and automatically store them at lifting heights of up to 6.0 m. In the process, the vehicle can reach maximum speeds of up to 2.5 m/s.

At Arvato, the vehicle travels at a speed of 1.7 m/s and the lifting height is 2.5 m. The elimination of the driver’s platform makes the EKS 215a particularly maneuverable, even in confined spaces. The self-supporting forks of the EKS 215a enable it to transport special load carriers and closed pallets, as well handling stations that we can’t drive vehicles under,” says Dr. Markus Heinecker, Project Sales Manager at Jungheinrich.

“The implementation of the Automated Guided Vehicle systems provides optimum support for our employees,” said Fabian Generotzky, Director of Operations at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions. “They can devote themselves to more value-creating activities and put their energy into tasks such as stocking the reserve warehouses so that goods can be retrieved more quickly.

As well as being innovative, this also increases the level of quality in the warehouse. Damage to pallets is minimized because the system works with millimeter precision.  Alongside VVA in Gütersloh and the Arvato logistics center in Landsberg, the Harsenwinkel facility is one of the pioneers in this field. “Given the great depth of integration into the processes and the associated complexity, I am sure that this project can be used as a prime example for the further expansion of automation at Arvato,” Project Manager Berg says.

Crown helps California Community News improve its productivity

California Community News provides a range of printing, inserting, packaging and distribution services for several newspaper and media companies including the Los Angeles Times Media Group. At its busy 325,000-square-foot production facility in Irwindale, Calif., millions of inserts and papers are printed and packaged each year.

With a busy schedule of nearly constant production and activity, California Community News needs a powerful and reliable forklift to meet production demands as well as one that is agile enough to move through a busy facility quickly and safely while being used for a multitude of tasks. On the production floor alone, operators need forklifts that are used 24 hours a day for five to six days per week.

The company has come to rely on the Crown FC Series counterbalance forklift, the TSP Series Very Narrow Aisle forklift, the InfoLink® fleet and operator management system, and especially the Crown SC Series counterbalance forklift and its incredible maneuverability. With its on-board Intrinsic Stability System®, the SC Series assists the operator with precision handling and control based on steer angle, truck speed, load weight and lift height. The versatile SC Series helps improve operations in virtually every area of the company except the pressroom. In fact, California Community News saw a 15 to 20 percent improvement in productivity compared to their previous forklift fleet.

Utilizing Crown’s optional InfoLink® fleet management system has allowed the company to effectively manage and document operator and fleet performance. Providing real-time alerts, intuitive dashboards and detailed reports, InfoLink® allows California Community News to explore and analyze issues quickly and accurately with on-demand performance data.

The company also relies on the long-term durability of the Crown SC Series to provide lasting value. From its heavy-duty chassis and rugged drive motors to its steel steer axle and strong I-Beam mast, the SC offers the power and reliability needed to withstand the unrelenting uptime its production schedule demands.

“It’s reliable, it’s agile and it’s flexible. It has power,” commented Durga Bhoj, California Community News Division Manager. “It’s hard to find all those components in one unit and the SC fits that.”

For more details of how California Community News and Crown work together, visit the customer result on



TrueCommerce Announces Enhancements for its Magento eCommerce Integration

Cloud-based solution now allows e-merchants to consolidate retail and online orders, manage shipments and inventory in one system

PITTSBURGH, PA (December 122019)—TrueCommerce, a global provider of trading partner connectivity, integration, and unified commerce solutions, has announced new upgrades for its popular integration with Adobe (Magento), the leading e-commerce platform for brands of all sizes that support B2B, B2C and B2E use cases. The new features of the cloud-based offering allow organizations to manage orders on one platform that seamlessly connects TrueCommerce’s unified commerce offering with Magento and a wide range of business systems.

“We are excited to add new offerings to our unified commerce solutions suite,” said TrueCommerce president Ross Elliott. “Magento is a dynamic leader, hugely respected by omnichannel players worldwide. The new enhancements for this integration, increasingly popular with our customers, will allow them to make the most of their Magento implementations and seamlessly integrate their e-commerce programs with shipping and inventory management processes.”

The TrueCommerce Magento Integration new features enable its users to:

  • Seamlessly transfer critical data like orders, shipments, and inventory between most popular business systems and Magento storefronts
  • Automatically create new customer profiles in a business system from online orders
  • Create shipments with tracking information to keep customers up to date on the status of their order
  • Update online products quantity with ERP inventory integration
  • Unleash eCommerce sales potential by saving time, cutting costs and boosting brand image
  • Fulfill Magento-based orders faster and at optimal cost with the TrueCommerce Pack & Ship solution

“The digital commerce landscape is quickly evolving, as B2B and B2C organizations double down on their investments in digital selling channels. To effectively compete in this environment and delight customers, organizations need their technology stack to be tightly integrated,” says Jordan Jewell, Research Manager for IDC’s Digital Commerce program. “Adobe (Magento) has one of the largest footprints in the worldwide digital commerce market, both in terms of market share and mind share. TrueCommerce’s announcement to beef up its Magento integration is a move that’s sure to benefit customers of both platforms by making it easier to assemble a unified eCommerce stack.”

TrueCommerce’s integration with Magento is an extension of TrueCommerce Foundry – a broad set of unified commerce services and apps that connects customers, suppliers, channels, and systems. This platform revolutionizes supply chain visibility and collaboration by helping organizations make the most of their omnichannel initiatives through business P2P connectivity, order management, collaborative replenishment, intelligent fulfillment, cross-functional analytics, and product information management.

The solution leverages TrueCommerce’s Global Commerce Network that includes over 92,000 pre-connected retailers, distributors, and logistics service providers. A true managed services provider, TrueCommerce manages the onboarding process for new trading partners as well as the ongoing management of trading partner specific mapping and labeling changes.

Interroll and Logstore deliver fully automated cell phone repair center to Grupo PLL in Brazil


Interroll and Logstore have realized a new repair center for Grupo PLL, the largest authorized service center for mobile phones and smartphones in Brazil.

The facility in São Paulo, Brazil, applies an advanced Factory Repair Service concept whereby all device repair steps are automated at the same pace as within the electronics assembly industry. One key element of this high-performance solution is Interroll’s Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP) which allows monthly handling of up to 24,000 cell phones in two work shifts. Moreover, the automated factory design makes it possible to provide same-day deliveries of repaired phones to the owner within the city area of São Paulo.

An easy-to-maintain minimalist system with high connectivity

As an integral part of the headquarters of Grupo PLL in the Moema region of São Paulo, the repair center offers a new experience and a high-quality service standard to the consumer, focusing on the triad: efficiency, technology, and scale. ”With our new facility, we wanted to dramatically increase our performance by avoiding complex manual internal processes. Our goal was to realize a highly advanced solution which is also unique in Latin America,” says Lucas Linhares, Managing Partner of Grupo PLL.

The design of the new repair center follows the industrial Factory Repair Service concept and was implemented by Logstore, the system integrator responsible for this project.

“The project was carefully and holistically planned—from furniture design to automated conveyor systems. It gained its specific strength by receiving Industry 4.0 attributes and by transforming the retail services in omnichannel through advanced technological solutions,” adds Helson Santos, Logstore Business Manager. “We built conveyors into the furniture, thereby making the whole system minimalist. With the technologies applied, we created a real Industry 4.0 concept where everything is connected, has high energy efficiency, and can be easily refurbished or expanded without replacing existing conveyors, making this a sustainable project.”


Lower noise levels and power consumption with 24V RollerDrive

“To seamlessly integrate into the whole concept behind the PLL solution, Interroll has customized the conveyors to a width of 50 cm so that they can later circulate notebooks and drones,” says Marcos Gaio, Managing Director at Interroll Brazil. “We also equipped the system with 24V RollerDrive technology to reduce the noise level as well as the power consumption, boosting the system’s efficiency and increasing the overall sustainability of the 300-square-meter repair lab.”

In addition to the RollerDrive technology, the MCP from Interroll is equipped with image barcode scanning systems and uses 24V high-performance diverts (HPDs). The new system has been designed to support a monthly transport capacity of up to 24,000 cell phones using two work shifts. It is entirely managed by software developed by Logstore that regulates the automatic transportation of mobile phones between repair cells.

“Without the Modular Conveyor Platform in this 300-square-meter space, we could hardly repair 15,000 units per month and would need many more employees for the various stages of the production process. We are at the conceptual and technological forefronts, with full support from Interroll and Logstore,” says Lucas Linhares of Grupo PLL.

Steel King Announces I-Beam Cantilever Rack Now Part of Quick Ship Program

Steel King I-beam cantilever rack

Steel King Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of material handling products and systems for improving operational efficiency, announces that the I-Beam Cantilever Rack is now available as part of Steel King’s Quick Ship program, delivered within two weeks of ordering. Quick Ship makes configuration easy – users can choose from two heights and three different bay widths, each with pre-kitted bracing.

Offering maximum storage capacity and density, the I-Beam Cantilever Rack clears floor space of stacked long, heavy, odd-shaped items such as piping, conduit, sheet metal, building materials, or cable spools. With no need for a front column, Steel King’s I-Beam Cantilever Rack is faster to load and unload than standard pallet racks. By saving horizontal space normally lost to rack structure, the unique design reduces fork truck damage and saves time otherwise spent on double handling typical with other more cumbersome floor storage systems.

Built for either one- or two-sided configurations, the I-Beam Cantilever Rack is constructed of I-beam structural steel with a 50,000 pounds per square inch (psi) minimum yield. Arms are secured to the columns with grade 5 bolted connections and bases are bolted to columns. The heavy arm connector plate remains rigid even under heavy loads.

Steel King’s I-Beam Cantilever Rack offers custom configuration without a custom cost. With its modular design, the I-Beam Cantilever Rack is easy to install, readily expandable and offers greater adjustability. The rack features 4-inch vertical spacing, allowing flexibility to accommodate load capacity and position. Pre-punched connection holes enable easy arm installation, adjustment, and leveling to eliminate arms slipping out of position.

In addition to the Quick Ship products, the I-Beam Cantilever Rack product line offers a variety of options and accessories. Available are roof brackets, removable pipe end stops and bolted end lips, and a variety of heights of welded lips, as well as saddles for decking support, core/axle saddles for rolls, and wire deck and drop on storage pans.

For more information about the Quick Ship program, visit

Lithium Battery Producer Flux Power FY 2019 Net Revenues Expected to Rise over 115% to Approximately $9 Million

VISTA, Calif. – Flux Power Holdings, Inc., a developer of advanced lithium batteries for industrial applications including electric forklifts and airport ground support equipment (“GSE”), today announced preliminary results for its fiscal 2019 fourth quarter (Q4 ‘19) and year ended June 30, 2019. Flux expects to report final fiscal 2019 fourth quarter and year-end results in September 2019.

  • Q4 ’19 Net Revenue Expected to Rise over 170% to a New Record – Flux announced that it expects Q4 ’19 net revenue of approximately $3.0 million, an increase of over 170% compared to Q4 ’18 net revenue of $1.1 million and a new quarterly record. Flux Q4’19 net revenues benefitted from increased sales of lithium-ion battery packs across Flux’s entire product line, including GSE, Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 End Rider and Walkie LiFT Packs.
  • FY 2019 Net Revenue Expected to Rise 115% over FY 2018 – Flux expects its fiscal 2019 net revenue to increase by at least 115% to approximately $9.0 million, compared to $4.1 million for FY 2018. This growth in net revenue resulted primarily from Flux’s expanded product line, increased sales of new and existing products to current customers as well as sales to new accounts during FY 2019.
  • Expected to Achieve Positive Gross Profit Margin for Q4 ’19 and FY 2019 – Flux expects to report positive gross profit margins for both Q4’19 and its full fiscal 2019 year, compared to negative gross profit margins in the respective FY 2018 periods.

Flux Chairman and CEO, Ron Dutt, commented, “Flux continued to expand its base of products, customers and industry relationships in fiscal 2019, contributing to our expectations for record net revenues and the achievement of positive gross margins in both the fourth quarter and full year of fiscal 2019.”

“We look to build on this record in fiscal 2020 and to support our expected growth we recently moved into a new 60,000+ square-foot headquarters facility in Vista, CA, more than triple the size of our previous facility.”

About Flux Power Holdings, Inc. (
Flux Power develops advanced lithium-ion batteries for industrial uses, including its first-ever UL 2271 Listed lithium-ion “LiFT Pack” forklift batteries. Flux solutions utilize its proprietary battery management system and in-house engineering and product design. Flux batteries deliver improved performance, extended cycle life and lower total cost of ownership than legacy lead-acid solutions. Flux sells primarily to lift equipment OEM’s, their dealers and battery distributors. Current products include advanced battery packs for motive power in the lift equipment and airport ground support markets.

Westfalia Shares Tips for Justifying the Cost of Warehouse Automation

Storage solutions provider shares insight into the benefits, costs and return on investment of warehouse automation

Westfalia Technologies, Inc. (Westfalia), a leading provider of logistics solutions for manufacturers and distributors since 1992, advises warehouses and distribution centers to turn toward automation to maximize efficiency and reliability of daily operations. Titled “Does it Add Up? Justifying the Cost of Your Automation Project,” Westfalia’s new white paper explores the benefits of warehouse automation and how to maximize return on investment. Westfalia suggests by using automation, warehouses can make better use of cube space and reduce overall building footprint, leading to increased productivity.

Over the past few decades, warehouse automation has become crucial to the efficiency and reliability of warehouse operations across the globe. The recent rapid growth of sales in the omni-channel marketplace has significantly affected warehousing operations, causing a heightened need for adaptable systems with increased capabilities and flexibility.

Today, automation can help warehouses and distribution centers operate more proactively and efficiently year-round. The benefits of warehouse automation include:
–Maximizing the square footage of the warehouse
–More work opportunities for millennials
–Enhanced inventory accuracy and control
–Higher throughput with less labor
–Minimized product waste
–Increased ROI and efficiency

Dan Labell, president, Westfalia Technologies, “Our goal at Westfalia is to help growing companies expand operations and increase overall efficiency in order to meet the escalation of consumer demand. By introducing automation solutions into the warehouse, including high-density automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) and warehouse execution systems (WES), manufacturers can not only meet high levels of demand, but also set themselves up for future growth.”

To learn more about justifying the cost of warehouse automation, access the free Westfalia white paper here: Does it Add Up? Justifying the Cost of Your Automation Project.

Purkeys’ SteadyCharge Replenishes Auxiliary Batteries, Extends Their Life and Reduces Maintenance for Refrigerated and Heated Trailers

Purkeys’ new SteadyCharge can maximize the lifespan of dedicated batteries in trailer refrigeration and heating units, saving fleets thousands in downtime, maintenance and replacement costs.

LOWELL, Ark., USA — Purkeys, a battery solutions company delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions for the electrical needs of heavy-duty fleets, has introduced its new SteadyCharge Accessory Battery Charger. The SteadyCharge is designed to monitor and maintain an optimal charge level in accessory batteries serving trailer refrigeration and heating units, by preventing battery depletion during periods of inactivity.

Battery maintenance and repair costs have a significant impact on the bottom line of fleets and owner-operators alike, particularly those operating refrigerated or heated trailers. Inactive batteries naturally discharge over time and can drain a temperature-controlled vehicle’s accessory battery during seasonal periods when its dependent engine is not in service. Additionally, the parasitic current draw from built-in telematics technology in many heating and cooling units can completely drain their starter battery within just a few days of sitting idle, and the downtime and service cost of jumping or replacing dead batteries can add up fast.

Purkeys’ SteadyCharge maintains accessory batteries during months of non-use without overcharging them and is operational whenever the tractor is connected to the trailer. It eliminates the need for extra charging cables and automatically charges using the trailer’s existing 7-way cable, and it won’t interfere with other devices on the auxiliary circuit, such as the trailer’s ABS system.

“Many large fleets spend millions of dollars on battery maintenance and replacement annually, and that’s not including asset downtime,” said Jimmy Fielding, Northeast account representative for Purkeys. “Not only will the SteadyCharge significantly reduce battery maintenance and repair costs, but it will also keep vehicles and drivers on the road by extending the lifespan of existing batteries by up to 500 percent.”

Fielding also noted that accessing batteries in trailer refrigeration and heating units for maintenance or replacement can present its own set of challenges and safety concerns. “The units are usually mounted high on the nose of the trailer, and a standard Group 31 battery generally weighs in the neighborhood of 65 to 75 pounds,” he said.

The durable, 10-pound SteadyCharge is engineered to meet SAE J1455 testing criteria and is IP66 rated for exterior mounting on the trailer body. The charging system’s logic controller includes a low voltage disconnect (LVD), which protects tractor batteries and is programmable to any LVD setpoint. The SteadyCharge also features temperature-compensated charging that automatically optimizes its charging characteristics to match its operating climate.

The SteadyCharge is built to handle the harshest road conditions and comes with a three-year warranty. Convenient LED status indicators assure users of proper functioning and alert them of any issues.

“Accessory batteries may not respond when called upon to start refrigeration and heating units that have been dormant, or they may die while the vehicle is in the field, requiring a service run or even a replacement vehicle deployment,” Fielding said. “Unfortunately, many fleets and owner-operators think of battery-related maintenance expenditures as just part of the cost of doing business.”

By constantly replenishing a battery’s charge, users can avoid depletion, even when vehicles have been inactive for months. Battery-related removal and replacement costs and time-consuming workflow interruptions can be minimized, as can the fuel cost to run climate-control units during off-season duty cycles. By maintaining only a shallow depth of battery discharge, the SteadyCharge helps battery life spans increase from months to years.

“The SteadyCharge is a must-have item for truck drivers and fleets with refrigerated or heated trailers,” Fielding said. “It will be a game-changer for those in cold-chain transportation, and for those hauling liquids like beverages and paints that must be kept from freezing in cold weather.”

Purkeys’ broad array of battery solutions can be purchased through their website or by contacting Purkey’ customer service department at (800) 219-1269.

Eastey Adds Extended Length Conveyors to Its Product Offering

Estey extended length conveyor


June 11, 2019, Brooklyn Park, MN – Eastey, a leading manufacturer of L-sealers, sleeve wrappers, shrink tunnels, bundling equipment and conveyors, has introduced additional conveyor sizes to its product offering.

Eastey now offers five size options when ordering the EC Series conveyor. The new six foot conveyors provide additional options for customers that need extended length product transportation within their facilities. Customers have the option of selecting between these five conveyor size configurations:

  • EC1248 (12”W x 48”L)
  • EC1272 (12”W x 72”L)
  • EC1848 (18”W x 48”L)
  • EC1872 (18”W x 72”L)
  • EC2472 (24”W x 72”L)

The EC Series conveyors offer a reliable stand-alone product transport for primary or secondary product marking, and make a convenient add-on infeed or exit feed conveyor to existing case taping or shrink wrapping equipment. The conveyor design is perfect for integration with ink jet printing equipment; each conveyor comes pre-drilled in multiple locations to easily add printer and encoder mounting brackets. The smooth drive belt provides consistent speed for reliable, scannable barcoding and product transfer. Systems include a lower shelf with holes for cable management and provide storage for supplies such as spare printheads, printer and UV LED control boxes, spare ink, and more.

EC Series conveyors utilize an endless belt with self-tracking V-groove for consistent alignment. The variable speed drive motor is adjustable up to 100 fpm for a variety of applications. The unit also features a magnetic control box that can be mounted on either side of the conveyor. Conveyor legs are adjustable from 20” up to 33.5”. The system is designed to keep maintenance to a minimum and provide a fast and efficient method of product transport.

Heavy-duty motor, industrial strength drive belt, and a simple design make Eastey conveyors a workhorse that will stand up to manufacturing’s toughest challenges. Each conveyor is made from ¼” steel that will withstand even the most rugged applications while a custom two-part epoxy finish protects the machine from abusive conditions and ensures years of use.

The EC Series conveyors are available now through Eastey’s network of authorized distributors. Sales inquiries can be directed to Joshua Nelson, Eastey, 7041 Boone Avenue, Brooklyn Park, MN  55428, 1-800-835-9344.

Eastey operates as a subsidiary of Engage Technologies Corporation, the parent company of Squid Ink, Eastey, AFM, and Cogent Technologies.  Squid Ink ( is a leading manufacturer of superior quality inks and inkjet printing equipment.  American Film & Manufacturing ( manufactures and supplies shrink sleeves and shrink labeling solutions.  Cogent Technologies ( manufactures infrared drying systems used to dry ink in the industrial and graphics industries.