New KAUP Discharging Device Provides Non-Hydraulic Solution

forklift attachment discharge


The new KAUP Discharging Device T167S has been designed and manufactured by KAUP for emptying boxes on Euro pallets with a pallet frame and emptying grate boxes.

The Discharging Device has been developed for companies that may only require intermittent use of this type of attachment. It is a cost effective solution for infrequent or seasonal material handling tasks when a hydraulically operated attachment may not be viable.

The KAUP T167S attachment slips easily onto a rotating fork clamp with no hydraulic connection to the forklift truck necessary.  The quick mounting mechanism ensures it is immediately ready for operation and can be quickly dismounted from the forklift truck when it is no longer required.

The attachment can be quickly adjusted to handle three different load heights. A simple manual adjustment of the load holding arms allows the attachment to accommodate pallet frame heights of 800mm, 1.200mm and 1.600mm. The Discharging Device has a central track for the precise lifting of Euro pallets, allowing the pallet to be positioned exactly 90° to the attachment. This lightweight attachment ensures the residual capacity of the forklift truck remains unchanged for normal forklift truck operation and provides an opening range of 1.200mm – 1.300mm.

This attachment is available for all industry sectors throughout the UK and Ireland from material handling specialists B&B Attachments. B&B pride itself on providing the most comprehensive range of attachments available from one provider.  This includes solutions for ancillary systems, such as cameras and weighing systems from leading manufacturers, such as KAUP, Liftek and MoTec, while also designing and manufacturing custom, specialist attachments in-house for customers with unique requirements.


Aker Wade Power Technologies Announces Availability of Forklift Fast-Charging Systems for Material Handling Operations in Europe

Aker Wade® Power Technologies is proud to announce that its popular UniMAX® and TwinMAX® forklift fast chargers are now manufactured in Corsalone, Italy. Working in collaboration with Powergen S.R.L., a leading European manufacturer of quality charger electronics, Aker Wade is positioned to provide European material handling fleets with the performance and reliability they expect along with shorter lead times and lower prices.

“Since 2004, Aker Wade has delivered over 17,700 fast charge ports to customers in North and South AmericaAsia and Europe. The models built in Corsalone feature Aker Wade’s proven charge control software and add a new 7.5kW output option to the 10, 15, 20 and 30kW outputs already available. Working with Powergen, a trusted European brand, brings faster shipping, shorter lead times and better service for our customers,” says Bret Aker, Managing Director, Aker Wade.

“Our continuing alliance with Aker Wade helps us serve a growing segment of customers in Europe who prefer the simplicity, safety and cost savings of running each forklift on a single battery,” says Antonio Borri, Managing Director, Powergen.

Aker Wade’s fast chargers allow operators to charge while they are on regularly scheduled breaks. Advanced controls on the charger communicate with the battery to manage current and temperature, automatically reaching an optimum state-of-charge. This allows operators to work through multiple shifts without battery changes while optimizing the health of the battery for long life.

“Operations throughout Europe can confidently eliminate multiple batteries, battery storage rooms and the heavy labor demands that go with changing batteries,” says Michiel Hendriksz, General Manager, Aker Wade Europe. “With our UniMAX® and TwinMAX® fast chargers, they need only one battery for each lift truck, even for multi-shift operations.”

Aker Wade Power Technologies designs and manufactures advanced fast charging systems for industrial forklift fleets. Founded in 2000, Aker Wade is the market-leading provider of fast charging technology in the global material handling industry, servicing markets in the U.S., Europe, and AsiaAker Wade collaborates with battery companies, forklift manufacturers, and infrastructure suppliers to deliver custom fast charge solutions for each application. For additional information, please visit

Powergen is based in Italy and manufactures, distributes, sells and services multiple lines of fast and high-frequency industrial battery chargers and charger parts for the manufacturing and material handling industries in Europe. Powergen is a family-owned company, founded on the work of Mr. Ernesto Borri, industrialist, who first patented equipment for a temperature-controlled electric heater. For more information, please visit


Presto ECOA Trans-A-Dock™ Surface Mount Loading Dock Lifts deliver all of the benefits and advantages of a permanent dock lift without the need for pit mounting. They are ideal for use in leased buildings, or places where permanent installation is not possible or practical.

Trans-A-Dock™ Lifts can access a wide range of truck bed heights up to 60” and transfer loads to fixed height docks or grade level.

They are available in 3,000, 4,000, and 5,000 lb. capacities. Platforms are constructed of safety tread steel plate and are available in 72” x 72” or 72” x 96” sizes with a variety of transfer configurations. They also feature safety chains at either end and a removable hand rail. Approach ramps and bridge plates also feature safety tread construction and are equipped with lifting chains. Rectangular structural tube scissor legs minimize deflection and allow safe handling of off-center loads.

A detachable dolly jack with flip down wheels on the base frame allows the empty lift to be moved when not in use.

For more information, visit

I.D. Systems to Acquire Keytroller, Strengthening Its Position in Industrial Truck Management Market and Overall Growth Outlook

Company Also Reports Preliminary Second Quarter 2017 Revenue of $10.0 Million to $10.5 Million

I.D. Systems, Inc., a leading provider of mobile asset management technology and solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire substantially all of the assets of Keytroller, LLC, a manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of electronic products for managing forklifts, construction vehicles, and other industrial equipment.

The purchase price is $9.0 million at the close, consisting of $7.0 million in cash and $2.0 million in I.D. Systems common stock, plus up to $3.0 million in earn-out consideration over two years, also in I.D. Systems common stock. The acquisition of Keytroller is expected to close before the end of July 2017, upon satisfaction of customary closing conditions.

In 2016, Keytroller generated revenue of $6.6 million and adjusted EBITDA of $1.2 million. Beginning in the third quarter of 2017, Keytroller’s results will be included as part of I.D. Systems’ industrial truck management product line.

The two companies’ market positions and distribution channels are highly complementary. I.D. Systems sells its flagship PowerFleet® industrial truck management systems primarily to large global enterprises and through lift truck manufacturers (OEMs), while Keytroller markets most of its products through a large network of lift truck dealers to small and medium-size end users. PowerFleet® rarely competes head-to-head with Keytroller devices.

By combining Keytroller’s mid-range and economy products with PowerFleet®, I.D. Systems becomes an unmatched single source of fleet management technology for industrial truck owners and operators, which the company believes will help it compete more effectively and diversify its revenue sources. The acquisition of Keytroller also gives I.D. Systems a new source of industrial truck usage data for its PowerFleet IQ® analytics database, enhancing the value of that tool for multi-site enterprises.

Preliminary Second Quarter Fiscal 2017 Revenue

For the second quarter ended June 30, 2017, I.D. Systems expects to report revenue between $10.0 million and $10.5 million. The midpoint of this estimated revenue range represents approximately 28% sequential revenue growth and 15% year-over-year.

“We are encouraged by the organic growth reflected in our preliminary second quarter revenue—and excited by our planned acquisition of Keytroller,” said I.D. Systems CEO Chris Wolfe. “Keytroller’s business complements our industrial truck management segment incredibly well, from product mix and market position to sales cycle and customer diversification. The acquisition should contribute immediately to I.D. Systems’ revenue and profitability, as well as position the company to achieve a more predictable, profitable revenue stream from a much more diverse customer base. We look forward to integrating Keytroller’s operations smoothly into our corporate family and leveraging the benefits of this acquisition as we continue to focus on future growth.”   

Jury Awards $17 Million to Man Who Lost His Leg in Forklift Accident


A Riverside Superior Court jury awarded Steven Meier $17 million after he had his right leg amputated below the knee due to being run over by a forklift in October 2013.

Mr. Meier, who was a security guard employed by Securitas Security Services, was patrolling at a PennySaver USA facility in Mira Loma, CA, when he was struck from behind by a forklift operating in reverse on October 20, 2013. The forklift crushed Mr. Meier’s right leg, dragging him several feet and degloving his lower limb. To dislodge Mr. Meier’s leg from underneath the forklift, a second forklift was brought in to lift the first forklift off of Mr. Meier.

Mr. Meier was rushed to Riverside Community Hospital where he underwent various surgeries to repair his leg and ankle.  Over the next year and a half, Mr. Meier underwent eleven surgeries to repair the damage to his leg, foot, and ankle. Due to the large zone of injury, Mr. Meier was plagued with complications, requiring multiple hospitalizations, and surgeries. Ultimately, however, these measures were for naught and on July 21, 2015, a year and a half after the collision, Mr. Meier’s right leg was amputated just below the knee.

Even after the amputation, Mr. Meier had to undergo three revision surgeries, and infections continued to set back his recovery. In September 2016, Mr. Meier was finally fitted for a temporary prosthetic leg, and is expected to get a permanent prosthetic towards the beginning of 2018.

Lead trial counsel for Mr. Meier, Ricardo Echeverria, said after the verdict “We are very pleased that the jury recognized the tragedy that this case presented. The verdict was a fair and reasonable result given the liability and damage issues in the case.”

The trial lasted ten days before the jury ruled in favor of Mr. Meier.

The case was Steven Meier v. PennySaver USA, LLC, et al. Riverside Superior Court, Case No. RIC1507069.



Mitsubishi Caterpillar forklift

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklifts America  celebrates their 25th Anniversary

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. (MCFA), a leading manufacturer of forklifts under the Cat® lift trucks, Mitsubishi forklift trucks and Jungheinrich® brands, celebrated a major milestone this July, marking 25 years of quality material handling production and distribution. The company has continued to grow each year, expanding its 40-acre, Houston-based manufacturing facility and lift truck product offering to drive quality customer support throughout North, Central, and South America.

“MCFA has undergone a remarkable transformation over the last 25 years,” says Ken Barina, president of MCFA. “From a small operation of 335 employees to the nearly 1,200 we have today, MCFA has continued to make significant strides in not only the Class IV and V internal combustion forklift market, but also in the electric segment with our innovative Class I, II and III warehouse products.”

Founded July 1, 1992, MCFA has undergone an expansion of its Houston-based manufacturing facilities over the last several years to accommodate product growth as well as the industry’s growing demand for electric forklift products. The portfolio of products manufactured at MCFA is distributed and supported by an extensive network of local dealerships.

“Our dealer network remains one of the most experienced and dedicated in the industry,” says Barina, “They offer comprehensive customer support programs in all our markets, ranging from highly-trained technicians to extensive parts availability.”

Over the last quarter of a century, MCFA has made several advances in its drive to be the leading manufacturer of forklifts. These include:

  • The addition of Jungheinrich-branded warehouse products to MCFA’s existing Cat lift trucks and Mitsubishi forklift trucks product lines – providing customers with access to all five classes of lift trucks through MCFA’s dealer network
  • Opening a new electric assembly facility on MCFA’s manufacturing campus, a move that brought a 40% increase in production capability and created new manufacturing jobs in Houston
  • Localizing the production of several key forklift products, such as the Cat lift trucks and Mitsubishi forklift trucks 6-16 ton internal combustion models to Houston to reduce lead time.
  • The launch of Warehouse Navigation technology in North America, offering customers a semi-automated approach to operating lift trucks within narrow aisles
  • A joint venture with Jungheinrich AG to form Industrial Components of Texas, LLC (ICOTEX), a new company that will manufacture industrial components. Construction of a dedicated 71,000-square-foot facility is underway in Conroe, Texas, and is scheduled to open in August 2017.

MCFA will celebrate the production of its 450,000th forklift later this year – marking another huge milestone for the company. Later this month, the company will also begin the second expansion of its electric assembly building, doubling the amount of production space for electric forklift models on MCFA’s Houston campus.

To learn more about MCFA, its dealer network and comprehensive lift truck and warehouse product line, visit

As part of the silver celebration at MCFA, employees gathered to commemorate 25 years with a unique photo opp. A video of this gathering was created.

Forklift Manufacturers, Dealers and Distributors Drive Billions of Dollars and Thousands of Jobs into U.S. Economy

New study details impact of industrial trucks on the country’s GDP and workforce.

forklift market U.S.

Forklifts are critical in keeping America’s just-in-time inventory in motion and are the workhorses that move America’s goods on a daily basis. Nearly every product sold in this country is touched by a forklift in its lifetime, and a new report issued in June quantifies this manufacturing sector’s strong economic impact and employment rates. The report from the Industrial Truck Association (ITA) and Oxford Economics offers detailed data at national and state levels.

“Forklifts have been lifting America’s economy for over a century and we can now quantify our industry’s economic contributions to the overall U.S. economy,” said Brett Wood, president and CEO of Toyota Material Handling North America and chairman of ITA.

The report, entitled Lifting America: The Economic Impact of Forklift Manufacturers, Dealers and Distributors, includes several significant findings, such as:

  • Globally, more than 1 million industrial truck or forklift units are sold annually.
  • In the U.S., Canada and Mexico, more than 230,000 units were sold in 2016. o With over 200,000 units in the U.S. alone, more than 60 percent are electric.
  • The industry’s economic contribution to the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) was $25.7 billion in 2015.
  • The industry’s activity supports a total of 209,000 U.S. jobs.
  • Each job within the industry supports 2.5 additional jobs elsewhere in the U.S. economy.
  • The industrial truck manufacturing industry workforce has a greater share of veterans compared to all other manufacturing as well as other industries.
  • In 2015, the industry paid $5.3 billion to local, state and federal governments in taxes.

Industrial trucks are categorized into seven classes based on characteristics, such as engine type, design and size. Manufacturers of industrial trucks make a widespread contribution throughout the U.S. economy. Of the $25.7 billion total contribution to GDP, some $14.9 billion results from supply chain and consumer spending activities.

Overall, the sector benefits other parts of the national economy, including, for example, $3.5 billion in trade, transportation and utilities; $2.1 billion in professional and business services; and $1.1 billion in education and health services.

“Forklifts facilitate the production of goods and services, creating increased efficiencies,” said Brian Feehan, president of ITA. “Industrial trucks play an important functional role in the production process in virtually every industry.”

In total, industrial truck manufacturers support more than 209,600 jobs. The companies directly employ more than 59,700 workers in manufacturing, sales and support staff positions. In addition, for each worker directly employed by the industrial truck sector, 2.5 additional jobs are supported in the wider economy, either in the supply chains of industrial truck manufacturers or through the wage spending of those employed by the firms themselves or their supply chains. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that more than 540,000 forklift operators are employed across the country in all 50 states.

The Oxford Economics report takes into consideration the direct, indirect and induced contributions of the industry. “We were honored to be selected to perform this analysis and work with the industrial truck manufacturers to understand and quantify the significance of their economic impact as well as narrate their vital contribution to America’s industrial production sector,” said Hamilton Galloway, Head of Consulting, Americas for Oxford Economics. “Workers in this sector are highly productive, and wages reflect this with above average annual income and placing them above the median income earners in most states.”

The complete report can be viewed on ITA’s website at

forklift industry infographic