Swisslog Secures Order For The First PowerStore System Deployment In South East Asia From Coca-Cola Malaysia

As part of Coca-Cola Malaysia’s investment of RM500 (US$117)  million to expand the size and production capacity of its current plant at Bandar Enstek, the company has commissioned Swisslog for a flexible, robotic, data-driven automated warehouse that will drive the future of intralogistics for Coca-Cola in Malaysia. This makes it the first PowerStore System deployment in South East Asia.

Coca-Cola’s plant in Bandar Enstek serves as the halal production hub for the Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei markets. The plant at Enstek will help the company achieve it’s objective of increasing density in an existing warehouse and consolidate operations in Singapore and Brunei.

Futureproof Technologies

PowerStore from Swisslog is part of the intralogistics automation provider’s technology offerings that meet the requirements of Industry 4.0. It is integrated into Swisslog’s SynQ software platform, an advanced warehouse management system. SynQ intelligently connects and synchronizes automation equipment, robotics, people and processes.

The PowerStore system not only increases storage space, throughput and productivity in Coca-Cola’s highbay warehouse, it also reduces energy reliance compared to traditional AS/RS crane-based systems. The scope of the project also includes an Electric Monorail System (EMS) to transfer the pallets between the production lines and the PowerStore highbay warehouse, providing better scalability and accessibility.

‘I am very excited that we constantly strive to bring the best technology into Malaysia to continue to enhance our environmentally friendly, world-class Halal manufacturing facility,’ said Mr. Gareth McGeown, Chief Executive Officer, CocaCola Bottlers Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei.

‘Swisslog was a partner of choice for multiple reasons. Having been in the SE Asian region for over two decades, Swisslog is a well-established provider and has successfully delivered a number of complex and innovative projects in the region. Their deep domain expertise and advancements in industrial robotics and intralogistics enable us to achieve greater operational efficiencies, increased storage capacity and seamless distribution, thereby helping us to deliver at the speed of business’ added McGeown. ‘When this project is completed, Coca-Cola Malaysia will become the regional hub and center of excellence for advanced, automated intralogistics.’

Building on a Long-term Relationship

According to Mr. Koh Seng Teck, Head of Southeast Asia for Swsisslog Warehouse & Distribution Solutions (WDS), ‘Swisslog has a long-standing relationship with Coca-Cola, having completed a number of successful implementations of several major automated and data-driven intralogistics systems in markets as diverse as China, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. Our partnership is built on a strong foundation of trust and commitment. This project is another indicator of how we are redefining the future of intralogistics solutions and demonstrates the success of our growth strategy in the region. This is our first PowerStore deployment in the SEA region and is a matter of great pride and achievement.’


Swisslog designs, develops and delivers best-in-class automation solutions for forward-thinking hospitals, warehouses, and distribution centers. We offer integrated systems and services from a single source – from consulting to design, implementation and lifetime customer service. Behind the company’s success are 2 500 employees worldwide, supporting customers in more than 50 countries. Swisslog is part of the KUKA group, a leading global supplier of intelligent automation solutions. Visit

Jungheinrich to Implement Warehouse and Material Flow Technology for LMC Caravan

  • Automated small parts warehouse provides space for 9,600 containers with a footprint of 600 x 400 mm
  • Two EKX516k narrow-aisle stackers to handle storage and order picking in manual, four-aisle warehouse
  • Jungheinrich software solutions guarantee smooth management of material flows

The LMC Caravan company from the west German town of Sassenberg has commissioned the intralogistics experts at Jungheinrich to implement the warehouse and material flow technology at its new logistics facility. LMC Caravan, which manufactures caravans and mobile homes for the European market, is expanding the logistics system at its Sassenberg production location to cope with the company’s growth over the past few years.

The goal is to optimise material flows within the company’s overall logistics operations. The new contract includes the construction of an automated small-parts warehouse with space for 9,600 containers as well as the construction of a narrow-aisle warehouse with space for 3,801 pallet slots.

“We were won over by Jungheinrich’s logistics solutions because they will provide us with a sustainable basis for future logistics requirements at our Sassenberg location,” said Timo Tesch, Head of Logistics for LMC Caravan. “I look forward to working jointly with Jungheinrich and to the successful implementation of this project.”

The automated small parts warehouse will be connected via conveyor equipment to a total of four work stations, which are set up to handle not only the storage but also the order picking of goods. Each work station is connected with a second one so that they can use the same transport routes. To ensure the maximum utilization of space within the 12.5-meter high building, the automated small parts warehouse has been designed for the double-depth, lateral storage of containers and trays with a footprint of 600 x 400 mm, making possible a particularly narrow building design.

The Jungheinrich Warehouse Management System (WMS), which features the integrated Jungheinrich Warehouse Control System (WCS), will be used to manage the operation of the automated small parts warehouse. To optimise access times, the WCS/WMS chooses from a variety of strategies that maximize the overall system performance.

Measuring 77 m in length by 21 m in width, the warehouse building has a base area of 1,630 m². Apart from the automated small parts warehouse, the building also houses the narrow-aisle warehouse with four full-scale aisles. Here, two Jungheinrich EKX 516k forklifts with telescopic forks are in operation. Both of these narrow-aisle stackers are guided by an inductive wire, while the Jungheinrich warehouse navigation system manages the partially automated approach to stacking locations. Further racking systems are planned for the plywood, coil and cantilever warehouse.

4 Hyster® Forklifts With New Side Battery Extraction System for VBI Weurt

Four Hyster® forklift trucks and a Hyster® Powered Battery Exchange Stacker have been delivered to VBI in Weurt, The Netherlands. These are the first Hyster® forklifts in The Netherlands equipped with a new, intelligently designed side battery extraction system.

“When the current lease for part of our forklift fleet ended, we conducted a review,” says Bennie Kroes, Plant Manager at VBI in Weurt, adding that he was not satisfied with the side battery extraction system of their old trucks from another brand. “There were too many issues causing parts to break down on regular basis. On top of that, we sometimes needed 2 people to get a battery changed.”

Heffiq, the Hyster dealer in The Netherlands, turned out to be the only company that could meet the needs of VBI Weurt.

“They did not just offer the right value for money, but also listened carefully and offered us solutions that really added something to our operation,” explains Kroes.

Over Capacity

Heffiq delivered 4 Hyster® J2.5XN electric lift trucks with a lift capacity of 2.5 tonnes, as well as a dedicated Hyster® Powered Battery Exchange Stacker for changing batteries. The trucks are being used for the loading of polystyrene foam insulation materials that are produced in Weurt, and for internal transport from the production departments to the warehouse.

“For the weight of our loads – a block of insulation material weighs about 180 to 200 kgs –2.5T lift capacity seems a bit high. However, the benefit is that these trucks are equipped with a battery with a 20% higher capacity,” Kroes continues.

The higher battery capacity (trucks are equipped with 775 Ah/80V batteries) is not a luxury within the application at VBI Weurt as the company works in 2 shifts, a total of 17 hours per day.

“With this battery, less changing or loading is needed and this saves us time,” says Kroes.

Fast, simple and safe

Thanks to the new exchange system, VBI Weurt has another advantage when changing and loading batteries. The Powered Battery Exchange Stacker truck guarantees a fast and simple battery exchange, and there is no physical exertion necessary from the operator.

Many advantages

The new Hyster® forklift trucks are being leased for a period of 5 years, which includes a full-service contract for the lift trucks. The Powered Battery Exchange Stacker is only used intermittently and therefore only receives periodical maintenance from Heffiq.

“Our strong dealer partner Heffiq listened carefully to the precise challenges at VBI Weurt and was able to customise the Hyster® trucks to suit the specific customer requirements,” says Karen Calver, Product Manager for Hyster.

Since the new trucks were taken into operation on 1 September 2016, Plant Manager Bennie Kroes has only received positive and enthusiastic reactions.

“We do not just notice the advantages when changing or loading batteries. The traction and performance are also a big step forward. Plus, the trucks are noticeably more comfortable. If this continues, the chances are very high that we will replace all our other trucks with Hyster® machines,” he concludes.

Forklift Block Clamp Attachments from B&B Attachments Provide Solution for Precast Supplier

B&B forklift attachments


Located in Sharjah – the United Arab Emirates, Arabian German Co Ltd is one of the first companies in the region to specialize in the manufacturing of precast Concrete products.

Arabian German Company is the largest manufacturer of Kerbstone in the Middle East. It has invested over DHS. 80 Million into its production capacity, which houses the most technologically advanced Interlock factory operating today. Since 1977 Arabian German Co. Ltd. has been the premium force behind the road networks in the U.A.E, supplying various specially designed concrete products throughout the Emirates. The factories at Arabian German Co Ltd. operate 24 hours a day with production, dispatch and store keeping functioning around the clock.

To ensure that the company is running at its maximum efficiently levels, Arabian German contacted B&B Attachments to support its ever increasing material handling requirements. B&B Attachments is the leading fork lift truck attachment company in the UK and Ireland. Its factory based in North East England specializes in the design and manufacture of bespoke forklift truck attachment solutions, creating products for customers’ with specific material handling requirements.

Discussions were held with Arabian German co. Ltd to understand its requirements for ensuring on-site safety and increased productivity when handling its vast array of concrete products.

B&B supplied the concrete manufacturer with two overhead J200 Block Clamp Attachments from its BlockMaster range. The J200 is a specialist overhead block clamp designed for the flag and curb market. Rated at 2000kg, it is ideal for production and loading, with an inside height of 600mm and an opening range of up to 1100mm, also with side shift facility. This hydraulic attachment is available in a range of capacities, opening ranges and gripper bar lengths. This robust and durable attachment is ideal for flag and curb applications.

Anwar Al-Azhari, Manager at Arabian German Co. Ltd. comments “These attachments provided by B&B attachments have made a big difference to our on-site productivity. It is vital that we handle our full range of products in the safest and most efficient way, eliminating the risk of any damage to the concrete. B&B has made the ordering process very simple for us, understanding our requirements and providing us with high-quality attachments that have not only met but surpassed our requirements.“

Seegrid Announces New Self-Driving Vision Guided Vehicle for Materials Handling

Seegrid, the leader in connected self-driving vehicles for materials handling, has expanded the company’s suite of automated solutions with the announcement of the GP8 Series 6 self-driving pallet truck. Further enhancing the Seegrid Smart Platform, which combines flexible and reliable infrastructure-free vision guided vehicles with fleet management and enterprise intelligence data, the GP8 Series 6 offers fully automated material movement to execute hands-free load exchange from pick-up to drop-off.

“The GP8 Series 6 closes the automation loop by providing an end-to-end solution, removing the need for human assistance to complete tasks,” said Jeff Christensen, vice president of product with Seegrid. “In manufacturing and e-commerce environments, every human touch is costly and unpredictable. As we help our customers develop smart factories of the future, safety, efficiency, and operating costs will continue to be the driving forces behind the adoption of automation. The process of loading and unloading pallets independently creates safer working conditions, allowing for more consistent throughput, and producing a rapid return on investment for our customers.”

In the automotive industry, Seegrid self-driving vehicles are used for consistent delivery of parts to the line. The Series 6 self-driving pallet truck picks up and drops off palletized car parts without human interaction, increasing productivity amidst labor shortages for automakers. In e-commerce, the Series 6 enables fully autonomous delivery of goods to keep up with fulfillment industry growth and demand.

Operating without wires, lasers, magnets, or tape, the Seegrid GP8 Series 6 allows manufacturers and distributors to change routes in-house, operate in manual mode, and effortlessly scale their fleet as they grow. As part of the Seegrid Smart Platform, the Series 6 is aligned with Industry 4.0 and lean initiatives, helping companies transform into smart factories of the future.

For additional information on Seegrid’s connected materials handling solutions and the new GP8 Series 6, please visit

Crown extends QuickPick® Remote order picking technology to other applications

Crown has extended its well-established, multi-award-winning QuickPick® Remote order picking technology to cover an even broader range of applications. From now on, the system is also available for the lifting-fork and scissors-lift models in the GPC 3000 Series, the multi-purpose order pickers in the MPC 3000 Series, and the TC 3000 Series of tow tractors.        

Crown QuickPick Remote                                         

“With our QuickPick Remote technology, Crown has developed a solution for enhancing safety and efficiency that includes stand-out ergonomics and delivers real-world benefits plus genuine added value in multiple applications. The system has clearly demonstrated how well it performs in practice over millions of hours of operation for a variety of customers. By continuing to develop the system’s performance parameters, we’ve now been able to extend this technology to other applications. This means we can continue to improve the quality of work in warehouses and help enhance productivity even further,” explains Gary Thurner, Product Marketing Manager at Crown.

Less walking, less bending, less lifting – QuickPick Remote combines technology, workflow efficiency and human activity in a natural, systematic process. Using a special working glove with integrated remote control, operators can move their trucks from one picking location to another without constantly climbing on and off the driver’s platform. Alternatively, customers can choose a transceiver strap or trigger instead of the glove. In practice, this proven concept increases productivity by enabling operators to do more while moving less – without compromising safety. Martijn Vogelzang, project manager at Jumbo Supermarkten declared, “QuickPick Remote resulted in a 7.5 per cent productivity improvement at the Jumbo Supermarkten distribution hub.”

QuickPick Remote is a genuinely unique innovation that streamlines working processes, creating a win-win situation for fleet managers and their hardworking operators. The system is easy to set up, requiring neither network bandwidth nor additional IT expenditure – it can be incorporated directly into customers’ warehouse environments as a cost-effective, self-sufficient solution. As QuickPick Remote is a dual-mode solution, customers can still operate the trucks manually when needed.

These are some of the new areas of application for Crown’s tried and trusted QuickPick Remote technology:

  • GPC order pickers with fork or scissors lifts can be used to raise picking pallets to various optimal working heights. The variant with lifting forks can lift a pallet weighing up to 1,200 kg to a height of 960 mm, while the rugged scissor-lift model is capable of simultaneously lifting two pallets weighing 1,000 kg each to a height of 850 mm. This optimised positioning offers clear benefits in terms of ergonomics and productivity, reducing the risk of damage to products and enabling consistently high picking performance that can now be further enhanced by taking advantage of QuickPick Remote technology.
  • The Crown MPC 3000 Series combines the advantages of an order picker with the capabilities of a counterbalanced forklift truck. With travel speeds of up to 12.5 km/h, a lifting capacity of up to 1,200 kg and lifting heights of up to 4.3 metres, these trucks are flexible enough to be used in a wide variety of warehouse applications, including order picking, put-aways and replenishment, long-distance transport and sandwich stacking. When used for order picking, they are versatile enough for operators to be able to replenish empty pick slots without changing to another vehicle.
  • Tow tractors in Crown’s TC 3000 Series are the perfect solution for high-pressure transport and supply activities in production environments, warehouses, and distribution hubs. Combined with QuickPick Remote, they can save significant time in order picking or production supply logistics while helping operators to stay relaxed and alert.

Crown first introduced its QuickPick Remote technology in 2014, initially for low-level order picking. By early 2015, the company was offering an upgraded variant capable of controlling the lift and lower functions in Crown’s ES 4000and ET 4000 Series stackers. Since QuickPick Remote was first launched, industry commentators have regularly acknowledged the highly innovative thinking behind the remote-control system, as well as its exceptional efficiency. The technology has received coveted international awards, including the IFOY Award (International Forklift Truck of the Year), International Design Excellence Award (IDEA), iF Design Award and German Design Award. Since 1962, prestigious international design institutions and associations have granted more than 100 awards to forklift trucks manufactured by Crown.

Source: Crown

Con-Cast Pipe Inc. Fined $70,000 After Young Worker Injured by Steel Pallet


GUELPH, ON – Con-Cast Pipe Inc. pleaded guilty and was fined $70,000 after a 1,100-pound steel pallet fell on a young worker, causing critical injuries.

The incident took place on August 18, 2015, in the yard of the company’s facility located at 299 Brock Road South in Guelph, where a number of concrete boxes sat in a row. A steel pallet was attached to each concrete box so that the steel pallet was oriented vertically. Each steel pallet was to be separated from each concrete box. The pallet would then be lowered to the ground and removed from the area with the use of a forklift.

The company procedure was for a worker to loosen the steel pallets from the concrete boxes using a scraper/chisel and a sledgehammer. After the pallets were loosened, a forklift would insert its forks into the box and the loosened pallet would be nudged onto the forks and lowered to the ground.

On the day of the incident, the worker had loosened the pallets on a number of concrete boxes. A forklift driver was assisting with the final separation of the pallets from the concrete boxes; the worker and the forklift driver were working their way down the row of concrete boxes with loosened pallets.

During the separation of one of the remaining pallets, the worker was standing in front of the next concrete box in line when its corresponding steel pallet began to fall on its own. The steel pallet caught the worker’s leg, pinning the worker to the ground. The driver used the fork lift to lift the pallet from the worker and coworkers attended to provide first aid before emergency services arrived. The worker suffered critical injuries.

The Ministry of Labour’s investigation revealed that the employer failed to take the reasonable precaution of spacing the concrete boxes adequately apart before workers commenced removal of the steel pallets, and that the employer had failed to take the reasonable precaution of completely removing each steel pallet from its concrete box before moving on to loosening adjacent boxes.

Con-Cast Pipe Inc. pleaded guilty to failing as an employer to take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of a worker, contrary to section 25(2)(h) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

This is the second time Con-Cast Pipe Inc. has been convicted of a violation of the OHSA. In 2010, the company was convicted under the same section of the OHSA and was fined $55,000.

Justice of the Peace Bruce Philips passed sentence in Guelph court on August 9, 2017, and imposed a fine of $70,000. The court also imposed a 25-per-cent victim fine surcharge as required by the Provincial Offences Act. The surcharge is credited to a special provincial government fund to assist victims of crime.


Yale unveils new brand partnership with MotoGP

Yale® is excited to announce its appointment as the designated Forklift Supplier to MotoGP™, the FIM MotoGP World Championship. In partnership with local dealers, Yale will supply forklift trucks for six European editions of the 2017 Championship. MotoGP™, long recognised as the pinnacle of motorcycle racing, shares the same innovative, dynamic and technology driven values as Yale.

MotoGP™ is a leading global sport and entertainment brand with huge international appeal. The 2017 series features 86 competing riders from 18 different countries, and reaches 369 million TV viewers and 18 million social media followers. By associating with MotoGP™, Yale aims to take its own technology-led and forward-looking brand to new audiences, and to engage with other suppliers and partners of the Championship.

With MotoGP™ events being held at premier race circuits across the globe, the Championship’s organisers, Dorna, require a variety of lift trucks with lifting capacities from 2.5 tonnes to 8 tonnes. These lift trucks are needed for both set up of the event and its subsequent dismantling, as well as supporting operations in the paddock and hospitality areas of the venue. This involves carrying loads such as tyres, engines, fuel, merchandise, food and drink. Yale will be providing its services and short-term rental trucks to the following races:

  • Czech Republic (6 August)
  • Austria (13 August)
  • UK (27 August)
  • San Marino (10 September)
  • Aragon (24 September)
  • Valencia (12 November)

Pau Serracanta, Managing Director of Dorna Sports said, “We are very excited to have Yale on board as our forklift partner. Yale shares similar passions and values that fit in with the excitement and creativity that we have on display at our events. Logistics is an essential part in what keeps the MotoGP™ Championship running smoothly around the globe. We hope that this collaboration can be the beginning of a long and productive relationship between the two brands.”

Harry Sands, Managing Director of Yale EMEA said, “When we were looking for a brand partner, MotoGP™ stood out as the obvious choice due to our shared principles and characteristics such as agility, high performance and innovative thinking. We feel that the values held by MotoGP™ align perfectly with what Yale stands for, and we look forward to displaying these attributes in the exciting and forward-thinking environment that MotoGP™ provides.”

Yale is one of the longest established, original manufacturers of lift trucks and warehouse equipment in the world, having been in the business of lifting for over 140 years. Yale has a comprehensive range of electric and engine powered materials handling equipment offered in the market, including Yale innovative and versatile AC-technology trucks designed to optimise productivity in customer applications. Such respected heritage and commitment to innovation make Yale and MotoGP™ideal partners.

The Yale dealer network has over 600 dealers worldwide that are attracted by the unique blend of Yale product excellence and customer commitment, qualities that set Yale apart as it continues to lead the way in the materials handling industry.

For further information on the range of materials handling equipment from Yale visit For more information on Dorna and MotoGP™ visit

HELI launches new heavy-duty electric forklift

HELI forklift China

Recently HELI has launched a new heavy-duty electric forklift into the market with a loading capacity of 10 tons. This new battery powered counterbalanced forklift truck ensures that companies with loading needs of up to 10 tons get an eco-friendly and noiseless solution with features that significantly reduce the running costs by improving safety and environmental performance.

The new 10T electric forklift provides optimal safety, are environmentally friendly, efficient, ergonomically designed and suited for many different lifting applications from general manufacturing, logistics and warehousing to many more outdoor uses.

“As HELI, the famous manufacturer of heavy-duty forklift trucks, we have decades-long experiences. The result is that we applied our skills to develop electric trucks with performance matching the current powerful diesel trucks, but much quieter, completely free from emissions and lower vibrations. Like all current HELI trucks, they come with excellent value through safety, productivity and performance” said Zhang Jie, design engineer for HELI electric forklift trucks.

Key features:
Modern appearance and excellent vision
The vehicle adopts a new streamlined design, the appearance becomes smoother and more beautiful, super-low center of gravity offers the driver with an excellent rear vision field.

High stability
By optimising the quality distribution of the whole vehicle, the load capacity of the mast is better than diesel trucks with the same tonnage. The machine comes with larger tyres for increased traction on muddy and uneven terrain. The counterweight has been lowered for excellent stability and heavy loading capability of mast assembly.

High efficiency and comfort
The compact frame design makes the vehicle much more flexible, while moving freely even in a small space. Full hydraulic synchronous steering system and automatic parking function ensure quick and trouble-free daily operation. Equipped with full suspension seat assembly, the driver feels more comfortable and the use of silent gear pump significantly reduces the noise.

Convenient maintenance
The two groups of batteries are arranged on both sides, which is easily to be replaced directly from each side. Simultaneous charging of both batteries. Comes with automatic water-in system and maintenance-free wet braking as standard equipment. The reversal of the cooling fan removes dust and it is free of maintenance.

Active safety
The circulating cooling system based on multi-point temperature intelligent control ensures correct temperature for each component at the best point. Installation of OPS system and intelligent speed-limiter enhances the general security. Active braking and implementing the parking brake after parking when the truck is out of order. It can decelerate the speed to park and stop actively.

Energy-saving type hydraulic system. Power recovery has priority.

Previously, the maximum capacity of HELI electric forklift trucks was 5 ton, but with the launch of new 10T electric forklifts, the loading capacity doubled. This is a perfect new optional choice for all companies demanding heavy-duty, safe, environmental and effective handling of the goods.

Source: HELI



On Tuesday, Aug. 1, Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. (MCFA), the provider of Jungheinrich® lift trucks and narrow aisle products in the United States, Canada and Mexico, and Jungheinrich® Lift Truck Corp., celebrated the successful grand opening of a new joint venture, Industrial Components of Texas, LLC (ICOTEX®). Located at 3479 Pollok Dr. in Conroe, Texas, ICOTEX’s new 71,000-square-foot facility will manufacture industrial components.

Nearly 200 attendees joined the grand opening celebration, including executives from Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift Co. Ltd., MCFA and Jungheinrich AG, as well as ICOTEX employees, town officials and other key colleagues and supporters. The event included a ribbon-cutting ceremony and facility tours, showcasing ICOTEX’s new state-of-the-art equipment used in the manufacturing process. The factory’s capabilities include plasma cutting, bending, machining, welding, powder coating and more.

ICOTEX is projected to employ approximately 80 people in the future, including manufacturing and office personnel. The facility will produce forklift components, which will be supplied to MCFA for use in MCFA’s Houston manufacturing plant.

“The inauguration of our new ICOTEX facility is a significant milestone for both MCFA and Jungheinrich,” said Reinhild Kuehne, president of ICOTEX. “Both businesses have a long history of continuous improvement and customer focus along with a strong business relationship. This new facility will allow us to continue to deliver high-quality components while improving forklift manufacturing lead times for our customers.”

The benefit is an uninterrupted supply of forklift components, and therefore faster production and delivery of forklifts built on MCFA’s Houston campus, just 50 miles from ICOTEX’s factory in Conroe.