Automated guided vehicles for Dahlhausen Medizintechnik

  • Respiratory equipment specialist relies on automation by Jungheinrich
  • Automated guided pallet transport between incoming goods and logistics area
  • Two ERC 213a vehicles feature advanced safety and navigation Technology

Jungheinrich AGV

Dahlhausen Medizintechnik GmbH commissioned Jungheinrich to automate its pallet transport between the new incoming goods area and the existing logistics area at its location in Halberstadt, Germany. The aim is to transport the large volume of goods under controlled process conditions and efficiently over long stretches. Dahlhausen delivers a full range of clinical supplies and produces respiration technology, amongst other things. The company has been working with Jungheinrich since the establishment of the Halberstadt location.

“We have consistently expanded over recent years. Space became limited at some point,” explained Holger Linke, Managing Director of Dahlhausen Medizintechnik GmbH in Halberstadt. This meant the new incoming goods area could only be decentralized from the plant. The result was longer transport routes. “We were looking for a solution that would ensure efficient process reliability and at the same time relieve our employees from long, monotonous transports. Automated guided vehicles seemed an obvious solution,” he said.

Jungheinrich’s solution for Dahlhausen in Halberstadt consisted of two ERC 213a automated guided vehicles. The trucks are Jungheinrich electric towbar stacker trucks fitted with automation and navigation components and are guided by steering software. The ERC 213a orients itself in the space using lasers and reflectors fitted along the route. Safety scanners continually check the truck’s surroundings for obstacles. This means safety is guaranteed in all directions and the truck can work in mixed surroundings with manual trucks and pedestrians.

The deployment of automated guided vehicles relieves employees from standardized routine work and lets them turn their attention to more important tasks. Automated guided vehicles help to make the most of scarce resources while also saving time and money. Thanks to automation, transport workflows also become particularly reliable and process reliability is ensured.

The Jungheinrich automated solution at Dahlhausen in Halberstadt operates as a stand-alone system. This solution can be networked at any time with the warehouse administration software used by Dahlhausen. Further automated guided vehicles can be easily added in case of future capacity expansion.


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