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Welcome to ForkliftRevolution.net and the Reusable Packaging News. Our goal is to provide useful information to supply chain industry practitioners related to the unsung workhorse of supply operations, the forklift – as well as of other material handling equipment and systems. If you can’t the information you need, then please send me an email. (Or just send me an email, anyway, to rick@forkliftrevolution.net.)

My name is Rick LeBlanc, and I have been reporting on material handling applications for over 20 years. I also operate our related site, PackagingRevolution.net.

ReusablePackaging.net was launched in 2009. This site marks a step in our vision of expanding our detailed coverage of the unit load to embrace unit load handling equipment. Our focus is on best practices in the selection, operation, and management of material handling equipment and related systems, including new product announcements and industry news.

Forklifts and other material handling equipment are critical to the function of efficient supply chains, and our concern is that they do not receive the coverage they deserve as newer technologies such as robots and drones increasingly plaster the headlines.


Editorial Submissions Welcomed

Forklift Revolution encourages original and informed submissions as well as press announcements from informed industry participants and professional journalists.

Editorial submissions broadly related to forklifts and material handling equipment, warehousing and distribution storage and automation are welcomed. Articles should be original and authoritative in nature. Please indicate if you are addressing a general or professional audience, and restrict the use of industry jargon when writing to the former. Photos and other images are welcomed.

In some cases, we will consider running articles that are posted elsewhere. Just ask.

Send submissions or inquiries to rick@forkliftrevolution.net.

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